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By The Numbers: 2014 A Huge Year For Video Games In Crowdfunding

Kickstarter was dominant in 2013. Looking back to 2012, Kickstarter ended the year with over $320 million pledged to campaigns on the platform. After taking a look at the most recent Kickstarter statistics, they almost doubled it in 2013. We recently reported on some stats… Read More

Double Fine Out Of Money For ‘Broken Age’ Despite Raising Over 800% Of Kickstarter Goal

After raising over $3 million to product ‘Double Fine Adventure,’ Double Fine Productions has now run out of money developing the game, which has since been renamed to Broken Age. The solution? The game will be broken into two parts, the first of which is… Read More


UPDATE: Mission accomplished for Double Fine Productions. The campaign has crossed the $1 million mark. Congratulations to Brad Muir and everyone at Double Fine, and good luck as you work to finish the games and deliver the final product to your backers! Double Fine indeed! MASSIVE… Read More

WATCH: Brad Muir Of Double Fine Productions On Crowdfunding, ‘Massive Chalice’

Brad Muir is leading the campaign for MASSIVE CHALICE, the second game launched by Double Fine Productions on Kickstarter. The campaign will literally be crossing the $1 million mark just about any minute at the time of writing, and Double Fine Productions will become the… Read More

Why Tim Schafer Has A Second Kickstarter

“Look, we just made $70,000! Not that I have it up on auto-refresh or anything…” That was beloved game designer and Double Fine Games founder Tim Schafer watching the growing total for Massive Chalice, less than an hour into the company’s latest Kickstarter game development funding… Read More

UPDATED: Double Fine Productions Returns To Kickstarter To Fund “MASSIVE CHALICE”

UPDATE: Double Fine Productions does it again. MASSIVE CHALICE has surpassed it’s goal and is on the way to the million dollar mark. Double Fine Productions can now boast being one of the few people or companies to have two successful six-figure crowdfunding campaigns under their… Read More

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