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SeedInvest Weighs In On Equity Crowdfunding Proposed Rules

In one statement, equity crowdfunding platform SeedInvest summarized their thoughts on the proposed rules for equity crowdfunding. SeedInvest is thrilled by the SEC’s proposal on equity crowdfunding. “We thank the SEC for referencing our letters (including CFIRA’s) 60 times, for sticking to the original intention of the JOBS… Read More

FINRA Issues Proposed Rules For Crowdfunding Portals

In what is becoming the busiest day in crowdfunding news since the JOBS Act has passed, FINRA has released proposed rules governing funding portal registration. Public comments will be accepted until February 3, 2014. More on this to come… FINRA Release on Proposed Rules Finra… Read More

THEY’RE HERE: SEC’s Proposed Rules For Retail Equity Crowdfunding

The SEC has released proposed rules for Title III retail equity crowdfunding. The 582 page document is going to take a while to digest, but we wanted to share immediately. In related news, publication of these rules to the Federal Register will mark the official… Read More

SEC Proposed Equity Crowdfunding Rules: What We Know

The SEC has provided a fact sheet on today’s proposed rules. As we wait for the official rules to hit the SEC’s web site, here is what we do know about said proposed rules now. Note that most of this information was in the statute itself, so… Read More

Commissioner Gallagher On Equity Crowdfunding, Proposed Rules

Here are Commissioner Daniel M. Gallagher’s comments on proposed rules for equity crowdfunding. I am glad to be able to support today’s proposal, and I want to thank those who have worked so hard to get us to this point.  In particular, I want to… Read More

Commissioner Stein On Equity Crowdfunding, Proposed Rules

Here are Commissioner Kara M. Stein’s comments on proposed rules for equity crowdfunding. I’d like to echo my fellow Commissioners in thanking the staff. The proposing release before us today reflects excellent and clearly cross-divisional work on an important and challenging topic, and I commend… Read More

Commissioner Aguilar On Equity Crowdfunding, Proposed Rules

Here are Commissioner Luis A. Aguilar’s comments on proposed rules for equity crowdfunding. You can see the full text including citations at SEC.gov. Also, be sure to check out the tweets from during today’s open meeting on equity crowdfunding rules. Today, the Commission is proposing new… Read More

SBE Council: Data Suggests Work To Do For Crowdfunding Industry

Only 11% of small business owners are familiar with crowdfunding as a means of capital formation for their businesses. That revelation comes via SBE Council President and CEO Karen Kerrigan, who shared the information via  a survey entitled “Entrepreneurs & the Economy Survey.” The survey… Read More

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