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G2A Selects Ravelin to Stop Digital Fraud

G2A.com has selected Ravelin to battle the fraudster and provide a more secure transactional environment. G2A is a marketplace for digital products that reports over 20 million purchasers. Ravelin is an anti-fraud platform that mitigates evolving fraud threats allowing payments to be accepted with confidence…. Read More

Mastercard, Ravelin to Reduce Fraud, Create Frictionless Checkouts

During the pandemic, online grocery orders “rose by more than 50% and are expected to rise further this year,” according to McKinsey research. More than ever, people “make day-to-day purchases online, choosing quick commerce merchants that offer speed and convenience.” As people open new accounts… Read More

Silicon Valley vs London? No Competition, London Fintech Dominates, Says UK Treasury Fintech Envoy Eileen Burbidge

Silicon Valley can’t compete with London in terms of Fintech, says UK Treasury special Fintech envoy Eileen Burbidge: “Wall Street Talent doesn’t come to Silicon Valley.” UK Treasury special Fintech envoy and partner at tech VC Passion Capital, Eileen Burbidge took the stage at Fintech Week and discussed… Read More

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