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2021 Robin Hood Conference Roster includes Kutcher, Dalio and Saudi Prince

Jay-Z, Ashton Kutcher, Ray Dalio, and Stanley Druckenmiller lead the lineup of speakers at the ninth annual J.P. Morgan/Robin Hood Investors Conference, scheduled for June 16 in New York City. This year’s edition will be a virtual session. The previous eight events raised $44 million… Read More

Robinhood Announces New Feature “Messages” to Provide Timely, Relevant, & Actionable Updates to Accounts

Robinhood announced earlier this week the launch of its new feature, Messages, which provides timely, relevant and actionable for user accounts. The company reported it’ll send users account updates, such as deposits, withdrawals, and banking linking messages specific to the user’s holdings and announcements. “To… Read More

Robinhood Forms New Partnership With Galileo to Provide Checking & Savings Accounts with 3% Interest

Galileo, a U.S.-based payments processors and program management firm, announced on Thursday it has formed a partnership with Robinhood to help power Robinhood Checking & Savings feature. According to the duo, Galileo’s highly customizable payments infrastructure has been integrated into Robinhood Checking & Savings, which earns 3% of… Read More

CrowdRise Community To Build World’s First Giving Tower For #GivingTuesday

CrowdRise, a leading platform for charitable crowdfunding, is partnering with hundreds of charities to build a Giving Tower to show the world’s philanthropic impact on #GivingTuesday. The Giving Tower will be built using augmented reality, think a really cool hologram. The campaign launched today (November… Read More

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