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RocketClub Revisited: 2.0 Version Strives to Boost Startup Share Ownership for Site Members

There are a few basic ways to gain shares in early stage companies, the most obvious ones being either to invest by purchasing shares or to join the company and be “given” shares as part of your remuneration.  Holding shares in an early stage company… Read More

RocketClub Sees Solid Traction Following Launch

RocketClub, a platform that has created a new model to invest in early stage companies. The platform matches early users to startups and allows them to earn shares in the company – all for providing valued feedback.  Launched in June, RocketClub just saw its first campaign… Read More

RocketClub: Try Cool Products. Earn Shares in Startups

“It’s Time to Rethink Ownership.” RocketClub Allows Anyone to Earn Shares in Startups. RocketClub, a new spin on crowdfunding, launched their platform today.  The concept is simple: the crowd uses new products and services and in exchange for their feedback and participation, they earn shares in promising… Read More

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