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A Record Bitcoin Seizure by the US Government at Over $1 Billion in Crypto

The US government is looking to set a new record of sorts. The Department of Justice has filed a civil action to seize Bitcoin valued at more than $1 billion, the largest seizure of its kind ever. As has been widely covered, a long slumbering… Read More

Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht’s Latest Appeal Postponed

A judge has declared ‘moot’ Ross Ulbricht’s latest attempt to have his multiple life sentences voided/overruled lawyer Paul Grant failed to file papers withdrawing self as Ulbricht’s counsel. Ulbricht is seeking to have his sentences vacated and is alleging that original defense lawyer Joshua Drathel gave… Read More

Jailed Silk Road Dark Net Marketeer Appeals to Roger Ver for Help

Ross Ulbricht, the jailed founder one of the Dark Net’s first black marketplaces, Silk Road, has written to longtime Bitcoiner and Bitcoin Cash founder Roger Ver to appeal for his help in getting a presidential pardon. Ulbricht, 34, was sentenced in 2015 to two life… Read More

The Dark Net’s Own Boy: Silk Road Captain Denied Last Chance to Appeal Life Sentence

Ross Ulbricht has been denied his last chance to appeal the sentence of double life plus forty years (with no chance of parole) he received after being convicted of running the “Silk Road” illicit online marketplace in 2015. The decision to deny the request was… Read More

On Crowdtilt: A Legal Defense Fund For Alleged SilkRoad Founder Ross Ulbricht

A variety of crowdfunding efforts have been launched seeking funding for Ross Ulbricht’s legal defense fund. Ross Ulbricht recently made headlines when he was arrested in conjunction with an investigation into dark web drug marketplace SilkRoad. Ulbricht is accused of being “Dread Pirate Roberts,” the… Read More

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