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American Libertarian Party Asks Trump to Pardon Silk Road Captain, Ross Ulbricht

The American Libertarian Party has passed a resolution requesting that President Trump pardon Ross Ulbricht, a 34-year-old Texas native serving a double-life sentence plus forty years for criminal activities related to running the illicit Dark Net marketplace Silk Road. The resolution passed at the party’s national convention,… Read More

Accused Silk Road Second in Command Extradited to US

Yet another computer-savant smart enough to have allegedly managed a vast Dark Web marketplace yet not quite smart enough to avoid countries with extradition treaties with the US is on his way there to face charges of conspiracy to traffic drugs and launder money. According… Read More

Crowdfunding Campaigns Launched to Defend Ross Ulbricht, Accused of Being “Mastermind” Behind Silk Road

The “illicit online marketplace” known as the Silk Road captured headlines around the world.  Part of the dark web, Silk Road was known as the clandestine location for illegal drugs, hacking programs and much more. The site was shut down by the FBI back in… Read More

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