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HealthiosXchange Founder: “U.S. Investors Do Not Have Adequate Exposure to Private Equity”

Founder of equity crowdfunding platform HealthiosXchange, Scott Jordan, recently published a white paper entitled “Direct Investing Via Investor Syndicates: The Next Wave of Financial Innovation,” which explores how to accredited investors are using crowdfunding to achieve attractive returns in private equity. According to Jordan, “The… Read More

HealthiosXchange Founder Says Equity Crowdfunding Provides Self-Directed IRA Investors with Access to Premium Deal Flow

Scott Jordan, Founder of HealthiosXchange (“H/X”), the equity-based crowdfunding portal of Healthios, has published a White Paper—“Self-Directed IRAs, Meet Crowdfunding!”— which explores how self-directed IRA investors may use equity crowdfunding to achieve attractive returns in private equity. Jordan noted, “Equity crowdfunding, also called ‘portals’, which leverages the… Read More

HealthiosXchange Founder Explores How Crowdfunding Alters Equity Investing

Scott Jordan, founder of the equity-based crowdfunding portal HealthiosXchange (H/X), has published a White Paper titled “How Does Equity Crowdfunding Resemble the Discount Brokerage Revolution?” which explores how the Charles Schwab & Co. discount brokerage phenomenon has altered the financial services industry for individual stock-trading… Read More

HealthiosXchange “Champion” Lead Syndicator Leonhardt Ventures to Introduce Heart Failure Pacemaker

HealthiosXchange, also known as H/X, announced on Friday that the first lead syndicator in its Champion Program, California-based Leonhardt Ventures, will introduce the world’s first and only heart failure pacemaker called Myostim Pacer. It is designed to recruit reparative stem cells to damaged and weakened… Read More

HealthiosXChange & Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator Partner Up in New Program

Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, operated by Howard Leonhardt and HealthiosXchange (H/X) equity crowdfunding platform, have announced a new investment vehicle, the “Champions Program”, and has accepted its first Lead Syndicator into the program: Santa Monica, Calif.-based Leonhardt Ventures’ Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator of cardiovascular and social-good-impact companies…. Read More

HealthiosXchange: Equity Crowdfunding For The Health Care Sector

HealthiosXchange is a crowdfunding platform launching this month that focuses on the health care industry. It’s no secret that the health care industry is an important one here in the states. According to the US Census, the US health care sector as a whole garnered… Read More

WATCH: 3 Insiders Provide Perspective On Crowdfunding

Devin Thorpe of Forbes recently interviewed the following crowdfunding experts: Michael Nall, Founder of the Alliance of Merger and Acquisition Advisors Robert Carbone, Co-founder CEO of CrowdBouncer Scott Jordan of HealthiosXchange The video contains some really interesting discourse about Title III in particular. Carbone reiterates… Read More

Crowdfunding A Focus At M&A Conference Next Week

The Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors is holding their annual conference in Chicago next week, and for the first time ever the conference will include a large panel on crowdfunding. The AM&AA is comprised of 900 independent professionals – CPAs, attorneys, investors, M&A advisors,… Read More

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