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CrowdBouncer Lands Institutional Customers Merriman Capital & Spencer Trask Ventures

CrowdBouncer announced on Tuesday (September 16th) that two new customers have signed up to use its InvestorID platform,  Merriman Capital, Inc. (Member, FINRA / SIPC), a broker-dealer based in San Francisco that operates the Digital Capital Network, and Spencer Trask Ventures, Inc. (Member, FINRA / SIPC),… Read More

EquityHunt Adds InvestorID.com Verification to Platform

EquityHunt, announced on Wednesday morning the completed integration of InvestorlD, the accredited verification product offered by compliance provider CrowdBouncer, Inc. The addition of InvestorID expands the compliance features of the EquityHunt platform, allowing investors to meet the crucial obligation of ensuring that they are accredited…. Read More

Rand Capital, SCP Buffalo Incubator Partner to Fund CrowdBouncer in Series A Round

Buffalo based Rand Capital Corporation has announced that it has partnered with SCP Buffalo Incubator Innovate NY Fund (Z80) in a Series A financing of $437,500 for CrowdBouncer. CrowdBouncer was founded in 2012 by CEO Robert Carbone, and Keith Blakely, CEO of the InVentures Group, after… Read More

CrowdBouncer Launches Accreditation Solution For Attorneys

Buffalo-based crowdfunding compliance backend service provider CrowdBouncer has announced an addition to their portfolio of services. The addition targets attorneys and other individuals involved in the due diligence process phase of capital raises. The service provides a front-end user interface that aims to streamline the… Read More

NASAA’s 2013 Top Investor Threats Include Warning About Crowdfunding Platforms

Under the direction of Ohio Division of Securities Commissioner Andrea Seidt, the NASAA has recently released an updated list of their top investor threats for 2013. Among them: “unregulated third party service providers,” a category that would include crowdfunding portals. Seidt explained the reason for… Read More

Advertising Private Placements Still An Evolving Process

SEC Formally Allows General Solicitation, or Advertising, for Certain Equity Offerings But Process to Accommodate is Still a Moving Target In the wake of Title II hitting the federal register, those active in the world of private placement securities are busy digesting the net effect… Read More

WATCH: 3 Insiders Provide Perspective On Crowdfunding

Devin Thorpe of Forbes recently interviewed the following crowdfunding experts: Michael Nall, Founder of the Alliance of Merger and Acquisition Advisors Robert Carbone, Co-founder CEO of CrowdBouncer Scott Jordan of HealthiosXchange The video contains some really interesting discourse about Title III in particular. Carbone reiterates… Read More

CrowdIt Partners with Emerging Crowdfunding Services

As the disruptive nature of crowdfunding drives the revolution in capital formation, new companies arise to leverage the new innovation and support industry leaders.  CrowdIt has partnered with several emergent crowdfunding services. CrowdIt  announced that it has teamed-up with several crowdfunding startups that will help… Read More

CrowdBouncer: Free Compliance Backend For Equity Crowdfunding Portals

Title III of the JOBS Act stands to legalize the participation of non-accredited investors in crowdfunding offerings. One of the wildcards in the approach up to the implementation of Title III is the cap on how much an individual is allowed to invest per year,… Read More

CrowdBouncer Launches Platform for Equity Crowdfunding

CrowdBouncer announced the beta launch of its first product in their Platform-as-a-Service solution for equity crowdfunding portal compliance and back-end transactional tools. The Title 3 Database is a solution for portal compliance with section 302(a) of the Jumpstart Our Businesses Act (“JOBS Act”), the legislation… Read More

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