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JOBS Act 2.0: Congress Planning Additional Capital Formation Law

Members of the House Financial Services Committee are exploring the option of passing additional legislation even as crowdfunding industry stakeholders continue to wait on the SEC to pass legislation Although small companies are at the forefront of technological innovation and job creation, they often face… Read More

Investors Lose In Crowdfunding

… It seems that the only investor protection discussed in these letters is that investors’ money will pass through to an escrow account and that the site can’t withdraw deposited funds. Investors will have to trust these companies that have little mechanisms to make money will… Read More

How Crowdfunding’s Secondary Market May Evolve

One of the interesting points that emerged from last week’s Sunshine Act meeting of the SEC Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies was the following recommendation: The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission should facilitate and encourage the creation of a separate U.S. equity market… Read More

Equity Crowdfunding Requires a Secondary Exchange

Equity crowdfunding is still in a holding pattern, hovering over the regulatory process in Washington DC. The merits of crowdfunding continue to become more self evident as progress is made in the UK and around the world. One subject about equity crowdfunding which has only… Read More

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