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Australia: NAB Introduces Payment Prompts to Help Keep Clients Safe

NAB has started introducing more proactive prompts to digital banking to help customers identify potential scams and “to make sure money is going to the right recipient when they’re making a payment.” The initiative will “present customers with real-time, personalized messages based on the type… Read More

Open Banking: UK’s Digital Bank Zopa Explains how Consumers Can Benefit from Financial Data-Sharing

Open Banking is about giving users better control over their banking information. Instead of your bank hoarding the details regarding your transactions and account, users are able to decide how and when they want to share these details with other financial services providers and other… Read More

Contactless Payments: Mobeewave, a Platform for Accepting In-Person Payments with No PIN Entry, to Support High-Value Transactions

Canada-based Mobeewave, a certified platform that allows mobile app users to accept in-person payments without requiring extra hardware, is introducing several new features that aim to remove existing contactless payments limits for retailers and consumers, by using the Fintech firm’s proprietary tap-to-phone technology. Mobeewave’s payment… Read More

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