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European Banking Authority (EBA) Releases Peer Review on Authorization Under Payment Services Directive

The European Banking Authority (EBA) published its peer review on authorization of payment institutions and e-money institutions under the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2). The review generally found “increased transparency and consistency of the information required in the authorization process.” However, it also “identified significant… Read More

European Banking Authority Releases Report on Data Provided by PSPs on SCA Compliance Readiness

The European Banking Authority (EBA), a regulatory body of the European Union that’s headquartered in Paris, released a report, earlier this week, on the data offered by payment service providers (PSPs) on their readiness to apply strong customer authentication (SCA) for the set of payment… Read More

Open Banking: UK’s Digital Bank Zopa Explains how Consumers Can Benefit from Financial Data-Sharing

Open Banking is about giving users better control over their banking information. Instead of your bank hoarding the details regarding your transactions and account, users are able to decide how and when they want to share these details with other financial services providers and other… Read More

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