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Brief: Crowdfunding Bill Approved In Alabama Senate, Heads To House

Yesterday the Alabama State Senate approved a bill that would set into motion an intrastate crowdfunding exemption. The vote was unanimous, 31-0. Crowdfunding legislation continues to garner bipartisan support. The bill now heads to the House where it is already receiving some praise. The Associated Press… Read More

Alabama Takes Pragmatic Approach To Intrastate Crowdfunding

We caught wind of a proposed crowdfunding exemption in the State of Alabama in the fall of 2013. As any regular reader of Crowdfund Insider knows, intrastate crowdfunding exemptions are popping up left and right as of late. Just this week we reported on proposed legislation… Read More

Brief: Alabama Seeks To Join Intrastate Crowdfunding Movement With New Bill

A state senator in Alabama is proposing a crowdfunding exemption at the state level that aims to allow Alabama entrepreneurs to crowdfund from Alabama investors. Senator Arthur Orr (R-Decatur) has proposed the bill. State Securities Commissioner Joseph Borg is cited by Senator Orr as being… Read More

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