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Sharewave Launches Cloud-Based Investor Relations Solution

“Sharewave is the hassle-free solution made exclusively for private companies, from the smallest startup to the largest pre-IPO.” said Joshua S. Levine, Sharewave co-founder and CEO. “It is simple, yet powerful and intuitive, so companies can spend more time building their business and less time… Read More

Survey Sheds Light On VC Expectations For Equity Crowdfunding

A report released last month entitled Equity Crowdfunding and Venture Capital included some interesting revelations regarding what US venture capitalists and lawyers expect from equity crowdfunding. The report surveyed VCs and lawyers based in the states. Questions sought to gauge expectations about the JOBS Act’s trajectory and… Read More

How Sharewave Helps Entrepreneurs Stay Connected To Investors

After recently hearing about Sharewave, I wanted to track down the Sharewave team in an effort to hear more about the company and how they can help entrepreneurs interface with their investors. They were able to share some really interesting insight into how the platform… Read More

Sharewave Prepares Launch, Aims To Connect Businesses And Investors

Sharewave is a company aimed at helping businesses coordinate and communicate with numerous disparate shareholders. (They’re looking at you, equity crowdfunders.) From their site… Why do we have so many protections against small investors participating in private equity? Even with the recent JOBS act, which… Read More

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