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Brazil’s Fuse Capital to Allocate Funds to Startups Focused on Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, Credit Card Firm to Assist Wealthy Investors

Fuse Capital, a company established by experienced VCs and business owners based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, recently revealed that it’s raising its first overseas fund for investors looking for long-term, but high-risk investment opportunities. Launched in November 2019, Fuse Capital aims to assist Brazilian… Read More

San Diego Venture Group Names LoanHero’s Derek Barclay a New Board of Directors Member

On Thursday, online marketplace lender LoanHero announced that its co-founder and president, Derek Barclay, has been selected as a new board of directors member of San Diego Venture Group (SDVG). SDVG is a non-profit organization that has a mission to provide a networking forum for its 800… Read More

Role Reversal: Dragons’ Den’-Style Panel Of Entrepreneurs Question VCs During London Tech Week,

In a turning of the tables, VCs recently took the stage before a “Dragons’ Den”-style panel of entrepreneurs to pitch for themselves. The event was held by Innovate Finance, part of a series of events complementing London Tech Week, as Innovate Finance reports. “Could it be time for disruption… Read More

FundersClub Announces “Partnerships”, Turnkey Tools For New Era of Online VCs

FundersClub, an online accredited investor crowdfunding platform, has announced they are opening up their marketplace and software to key VC players, Angels and family offices. In a posting by Alexander Mittal, co-founder and CEO of FundersClub,  he described “Partnerships” as empowering an online presence to… Read More

NativeFlow Builds Upon OurCrowd Raise, Nets $7.5M Total Investment

Back in December OurCrowd shared a list of six companies that had used the Isreali equity crowdfunding platform to raise over $1 million. NativeFlow topped that list at $2.1 million raised. Now it has been revealed that NativeFlow has raised $7.5 million to date. Jerusalem… Read More

Inside Crowdfunding Ep. 2 Preview: Adam Draper Of BoostVC

We’re moving full steam ahead with Inside Crowdfunding, and we’re excited to announce that the guest for episiode #2 will be Adam Draper, CEO and founder of Boost VC and fourth generation venture capitalist. Why am I excited to have Adam on the show? Because… Read More

What’s In Store For Lending Club In 2014: An Interview With Renaud Laplanche

In the ever-growing crowdfunding community, peer lending reigns supreme. A TD Economics report we covered last week estimates the size of the global crowdfunding industry at somewhere between $3 and $5 billion in 2013. Of the sites responsible for this emergent shift in capital access,… Read More

Four Ways Crowdfunding Is Helping Small Businesses In The Real World

Yesterday we received word that Crowdfund Capital Advisors had released a research report and accompanying op-ed at VentureBeat examining some of the real, tangible benefits crowdfunding was creating for small businesses. Here are ten quick points from the report that show how crowdfunding is helping small businesses… Read More

Crowdfunding, The Main Street VC Make List Of Bold 2014 Predictions

Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Among ten bold predictions for 2014 made by Dominic Basulto in the Washington Post, one crowdfunding-related prediction sticks out: your next-door neighbor becomes a venture capitalist. It encapsulates some of the highest hopes among crowdfunding industry stakeholders and pundits. The forthcoming ability for anyone to… Read More

WATCH: Danae Ringelmann On How To Build A “Gatekeeper-Free Crowdfunding System”

Courtesy Rob Young on Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/rob-young/)

This short video from The Guardian features Indiegogo’s Danae Ringelmann. In the video, she discusses Indiegogo’s approach to building what she calls a “gatekeeper-free crowdfunding system,” which is almost certainly a bit of a jab at compatriot platform Kickstarter. Kickstarter takes a curational approach to crowdfunding whereas… Read More

OurCrowd’s Jon Medved On Bloomberg: “Today, It’s About Building Syndicates”

Jon Medved of OurCrowd recently appeared on Bloomberg’s “On The Move Asia” discussing how equity crowdfunding and ourCrowd are democratizing access to capital for Israeli startups. Specifically, he addresses an often-cited criticism of equity crowdfunding: why can’t these deals just get funding from angel investors… Read More

Lending & Debt Dominates PE Investment In Crowdfunding Space

Alex Feldman at Crowdsunite took to Crunchbase to seek out venture capitalists and angel investors that had invested in crowdfunding companies. The main takeaway: P2P lending and debt-based crowdfunding plays have been dominant in terms of garnering investment from private equity firms, venture capitalists and… Read More

One Spark Begins Accepting Creator Registrations For 2014 Crowdfunding Festival

One Spark is all about the Creators. Creators are people with ideas in art, innovation, music, science and technology that turn them into Projects to showcase at One Spark, the World’s Crowdfunding Festival. One Spark is built on the premise that great creations can come… Read More

#Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 12, 2013

The Guardian | The problem with anti-rape underwear AR Wear’s crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo has certainly sparked a lot of controversy. Here The Guardian‘s Women’s Blog likens these anti-rape garments to a “modern-day chastity belt.” The piece goes a long way toward describing some of the vitriol… Read More

Crowdfunding News Roundup: October 21, 2013

Mashable | Social Web for Good: Crowdfunding Better Communities This article tells the story of Virginia Ramos, who has made a side job of selling her homemade tamales in San Francisco bars. She was banned from doing so by the San Francisco Department of Public… Read More

Over Regulation Has Challenged Public Markets, Will Crowdfunding Resurrect These Markets?

Over Regulation Has Challenged Public Markets, Will Crowdfunding Resurrect These Markets or Will Over Regulation Reign Supreme? Recently venture capitalist, tech entrepreneur and  industry soothsayer,  Marc Andreesen was interviewed on CNBC in an piece entitled “We are Living Through a Tech Depression“.  His talking points… Read More

Survey Sheds Light On VC Expectations For Equity Crowdfunding

A report released last month entitled Equity Crowdfunding and Venture Capital included some interesting revelations regarding what US venture capitalists and lawyers expect from equity crowdfunding. The report surveyed VCs and lawyers based in the states. Questions sought to gauge expectations about the JOBS Act’s trajectory and… Read More

If VCs Aren’t Interested in Crowdfunding, Should You Be?

Last week, Donald Trump announced – with characteristic flair – his involvement with a crowdfunding startup named FundAnything. The Donald’s presence would be something of an embarrassment for many companies, but then the tech sector has never been above a little shameless self-promotion. In fact,… Read More

Crowdfunding takes the rug out from under VCs, angels

Some have said equity crowdfunding could put pressure on the venture capital industry. But data compiled by crowdfunderEquityNet suggests it will open whole different categories of upstarts for funding instead. “Crowdfunding is serving the area of capitalism that was previously underserved,”Judd Hollas, chief executive of the… Read More

The Next Big Thing in Crowdfunding? Kickstarting People

… Let’s start with Kickstarter as the obvious crowdfunding example. The company was founded by three guys with no previous finance experience. The target return for investors who back development of new products — from objects to movies — on Kickstarter is … nothing. Backers are instead… Read More

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