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AI-Powered Business Verification Service Vespia Highlights Importance of Verification for Non-AML Firms

Vespia, an AI-powered Business Verification Service for verifying and onboarding business customers that helps minimize the risk of fraud, has highlighted the significance of business verification for non-AML obligated firms, like supply chain, digital commerce, as well as the sharing economy. Vespia explains that by… Read More

Growth of Sharing Economy Creates Interesting Challenge as UK Government Struggles to Measure Economic Benefits

While the emerging sharing economy clearly produces economic benefits driven by intrinsic efficiencies the sector is confounding the UK government a bit – as they are struggling to quantify the overall benefit to society. This was discussed, to a degree, in a recent report published… Read More

US Leads Global Sharing Economy by Wide Margin According to JustPark

UK’s largest “sharing economy” company JustPark (over 750,000 registered users) has published some data that targets the nascent sector that has been defined by the likes of AirBnB.  JustPark raised a stellar £3.7 million earlier this year in an equity crowdfunding round. The company has… Read More