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Fintech Klarna Introduces Virtual Shopping, Bringing In-Store Experience to Online Consumers

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Klarna, a global retail bank, payments, and shopping service, recently announced the launch of its Virtual Shopping offering, “bringing the best of in-store to the online experience.” Virtual Shopping by Klarna “enables consumers to browse and buy online with confidence by connecting them directly with… Read More

CleverTap Appoints Honey Bajaj as SVP, Global Chief of Consumer Experience

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CleverTap, which claims to be one of the leading retention Clouds, recently added to its core leadership team “with the appointment of Honey Bajaj as SVP & Global Chief of Consumer Experience.” In this position, Bajaj will be expected to “pioneer CleverTap’s extensive program to… Read More

Over 8M Current Accounts in the UK Moved Under “Ditching” and Switching Service: Report

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Over 8 million current accounts have reportedly been switched since a service making it a lot easier for clients to swap their banks or building society was introduced. The Current Account Switch Service (Cass) was introduced back in 2013 in order to remove all the… Read More

Retail Banking Report: Incumbents Must Embrace Data-Centric Capabilities to Support Personalized User Experiences

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Retail banks are currently “lagging” in their ability to offer “true” omnichannel experiences, as customers pivot to competitors that “offer more personalized experiences.” This, according to the latest World Retail Banking Report 2022 (WRBR) released by Capgemini and Efma. As noted in the update, 75%… Read More

Bill Sytsma: Senior Vice President at Callsign Reveals How Authorized Push Payment Fraud Poses Threats for Consumers

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We recently connected with Bill Sytsma, Senior Vice President at Callsign, a digital trust pioneer servicing some of the top banks in the US, to discuss authorized push payment (APP) fraud. Bill began working at Callsign in January 2021, where he is responsible for the… Read More

Fintech Personetics Offers “Proactive” Cash Flow Management Capabilities for Enhanced Overdraft Support

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Personetics, the international provider of financial data-driven personalization and customer engagement solutions for financial institutions, has announced (what it claims to be) the first suite of “Proactive Cash Flow Management” capabilities “to help banks face the growing competitive, regulatory and consumer requirements to combat overdrafts.”… Read More

Blockchain based Marketplace Dibbs Streamlines Collector Onboarding Experience with Socure’s ID Verification Platform

Blockchain DLT Distributed Ledger Technology

Socure, the provider of digital identity verification and fraud solutions, has announced that Dibbs, the real-time, blockchain-enabled marketplace for collectors, “is using the Socure ID+ platform to provide a faster, more accurate collector onboarding experience.” With the accuracy of Socure’s graph-defined identity verification and fraud… Read More

UAE’s BitOasis Introduces New Digital Asset Trading Features

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Having served a key role in the regional cryptocurrency and blockchain sector since 2015, BitOasis claims to have established its reputation as one of the most “trusted” virtual currency trading platforms in the UAE (and MENA region). Being part of a fast-evolving crypto industry, there… Read More

Multi-Currency Digital Wallets Made Intuitive, User-Friendly by Mambu, Persistent Systems

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Since 2016, Mambu and Persistent Systems have reportedly been assisting banking institutions and financial service providers with transforming their products and operations via digital acceleration and Cloud-native banking tech. A digital engineering firm, Persistent is a “strategic” partner of Mambu providing industry and technical expertise… Read More

Digital Commerce: Indian Fintech Unicorn Razorpay Introduces Magic Checkout

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Indian Fintech Unicorn Razorpay notes that it has been serving numerous digital commerce merchants with an intuitive, customer-friendly, and secure checkout experience for over six years. The company claims that its expertise makes them one of the best go-to checkout providers for merchants who want… Read More

Quick Dispute Resolution Leads to a More Efficient Digital Commerce Ecosystem, Verifi CEO Explains

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Within any commerce ecosystem — particularly in digital commerce — chargebacks appear to have become a way of everyday life, according to an update from Verifi. For merchants, chargebacks can be a drain on both time and financial resources. Improved communication between merchants and issuers… Read More

UK Fintech Modulr Explains How Payments-as-a-Service is Helping the Travel Industry to Enhance CX

Fintech UK

Software is “changing the world,” according to an update from UK Fintech Modulr. Modulr writes in a blog post that thanks to Cloud computing and the rise of SaaS (Software as a Service), businesses are now “powered by virtual services rather than having to invest… Read More

Instant Transactions, Real-Time Notifications are Vital to Trusted Payments Process, Modulr Survey Reveals

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The team at UK Fintech Modulr has done some research in order to find out what “makes paying passengers leave, and what makes them come back.” As noted in a blog post by Modulr, digital transformation has “been on the collective agenda for years.” It’s… Read More

Fintech Wise Explains Why their Payment Options Might Be Better than Other Service Providers

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If you’ve sent or received a payment from a friend or family member, you might have used either Zelle or Venmo to complete the transaction. These Fintech payment services enable consumers to send and receive local personal payments easily, with simply an email address or… Read More

UK’s Banking and Financial System Doesn’t Provide Good Value for Ordinary Consumers: Survey

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Fintech Modulr, which supports a new digital payment account for businesses and is specifically building services for companies needing a faster, easier and more reliable way to move money, notes that when they analyzed the results from their Digital Now survey (looking at consumer “attitudes… Read More

Fintech Blend Reveals How their Close Product Helps Mortgage Lenders Enhance Efficiency, Deliver Seamless CX

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The team at Fintech Blend notes that as humans, we can’t help but to “celebrate and feel positive in the moments when we finish a task productively.” And yet, for many consumers (and lenders), the completion of the mortgage journey “can still feel somewhat underwhelming,”… Read More

US Fintech Chime Introduces Free Cash Deposits at Walgreens

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US Fintech firm Chime recently revealed that they are introducing free cash deposits at Walgreens. Chime has teamed up with Walgreens (Nasdaq: WBA) to provide free cash deposits at 8,500+ locations. That’s “more walk-in locations than you’d have using any bank in the US.,” the… Read More

PCI Pal to Offer Secure, Compliant Payments for Talkdesk Global Clients

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PCI Pal (LON: PCIP), the international provider of secure payment solutions, is working with Talkdesk, the global customer experience solution provider for “customer-obsessed” firms, in order to offer clients with innovative customer service and security capabilities. The firms’ growing customer list reportedly includes Air Business,… Read More

Mastercard to Acquire Dynamic Yield, McDonald’s SaaS based Personalization Platform

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Mastercard (NYSE: MA) and McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) have announced an agreement for Mastercard to acquire McDonald’s personalization platform and decision engine company, Dynamic Yield. As mentioned in the announcement, Dynamic Yield’s tech is a valuable addition to Mastercard’s extensive suite of services that assist brands… Read More

Alkymi Chosen by Interactive Brokers to Improve Client Onboarding and Enhance the Customer Experience

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Alkymi, the provider of data workflow automation solutions, has announced the onboarding of Interactive Brokers Group, Inc., an automated electronic broker that operates “one of the largest electronic trading platforms by volume in the US.” The announcement also mentioned that the company chose Alkymi Data… Read More

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