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FCA Holds InsurTech Forum

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is holding a two-day event this week focusing on the emerging InsurTech sector. The InsurTech Forum will take place on March 28 and 29 and is part of the Project Innovate initiative. The InsurTech forum will discuss developments in the market and… Read More

City Minister Simon Kirby Defends UK Fintech Leadership

Speaking at the LSE Global Fintech Investor Forum, City Minister Simon Kirby drew a line in the sand and defended UK dominance in Fintech innovation. As Brexit repercussions and encroaching challengers in Asia seek to capture the Fintech crown, Kirby declared “British Fintech is going to… Read More

The UK Government will Hold an International Fintech Investment Conference this Spring

The UK has been the reigning king of Fintech for several years now. But it is lonely at the top and several countries are seeking to usurp the UK’s Fintech dominance. Add Brexit fallout and the UK has a battle on its hands. Of course,… Read More

UK Fintech Landscape (Infographic)

The UK had solid representation in Singapore last week for the inaugural Fintech Festival. The UK Economic Secretary Simon Kirby was in Singapore attending the event, helping to promote the globalization of Fintech – an admirable pursuit. This past spring, A This past spring, a Fintech… Read More

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