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Snooperscope Moves to Indiegogo After Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Snooperscope “night vision for your iPhone” just closed their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter this past December 25, 2013.  The project raised over £79,000 on a £40,000 goal.  Therefore I was a bit surprised to see the campaign pop up on competitor Indiegogo’s platform.  The pretail… Read More

Snooperscope Closes Almost 2X Over Goal on Kickstarter

Night vision device for you smartphone “Snooperscope” had a Merry Christmas yesterday closing at £79,686 crowdfunded on Kickstarter on a goal of £40,000.  Crowdfund Insider originally covered Snooperscope earlier this month as they neared their funding objective. London based PSY Corporation had also launched a… Read More

Snooperscope is Night Vision for your Smartphone

Crowdfunding on Kickstarter from the United Kingdom is the Snooperscope.  This hardware gives you true night vision for your iOS (or Android) device meaning your iPhone can now be the coolest stealth camera ever. We have all seen night vision utilized in countless films and… Read More

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