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Decentralized Lending Protocol Solend Criticized for Taking Centralized Action in Time of Crisis

Solend, an “interest rate machine” for lending on Solana, has recently encountered an issue with its protocol during a difficult time with the entire crypto sector. Solend has had to revamp its protocol due to an “extremely large margin position.” Apparently, an unnamed Whale was… Read More

NFT Launches on Solana (SOL) have Increased Significantly, with Over 8M NFTs Minted via Metaplex: Report

Spencer Noon, an investor in Variant, a first-check cryptocurrency venture capital fund, has released their latest Network report. Spencer Noon, the co-founder and General Partner at Variant,  notes in an update that Solana reached 299k daily active users. As mentioned in the report, Solana’s unique… Read More

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