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Kickstarter Redux: Avoid Beach Wardrobe Malfunctions with Shark Tank Your Life Winner Undress V3

Oh, the places you will go and the beaches you will see! The Shark Tank Your Life Winner The Undress V3 aims to help backers transition from beach to town simpler, or at least, less revealing. With three successful Kickstarter campaigns and over $864K and… Read More

Crowdfunding Now: 5 Projects For Summer 2014

Ah, sweet summertime! June 21st is the initial first day of the Summer and what better way to celebrate the warm season than sharing some fun-in-the-sun crowdfunding projects? Looking for a pair of shorts to take rock on the beach or a new pair of… Read More

Frank Anthony Swimwear is Ready to Bring Waterproof Swim Trunks to the Market

Imagine wearing swim trucks throughout the day without any fear of getting wet. According to Canadian-based Frank Anthony Swimwear, it’s possible! The company has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for its brand new, durable swim trunks that you can wear all day. Frank Anthony… Read More

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