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Kickstarter Redux: Avoid Beach Wardrobe Malfunctions with Shark Tank Your Life Winner Undress V3

Oh, the places you will go and the beaches you will see! The Shark Tank Your Life Winner The Undress V3 aims to help backers transition from beach to town simpler, or at least, less revealing. With three successful Kickstarter campaigns and over $864K and… Read More

San Diego Startup Undress Inc. Launches Second Kickstarter Campaign For Easy to Change Into Dresses

Last week, San Diego-based Undress Inc. launched its second crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for its easy-to-change-into dresses. The company shared: “We’re back! After the successful funding of nearly $615,000 from our previous campaign, The Undress – Version 1 became Kickstarters #1 Women’s Fashion Project, and… Read More

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