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The Crowdfunding Center: London is the Crowdfunding Capital of the World

The Crowdfunding Center, based in the UK, has issued a statement that London has regained its crown as the crowdfunding capital of the world. The Crowdfunding Center compiles data on multiple rewards-based platforms and several investment based platforms. The complete list of sites monitored may… Read More

New Forms of Finance Hits Radar of Governments Around the Globe at Berkeley Forum

In a report from UK’s “the Crowdfunding Centre“, the group notes that crowdfunding and alternative-finance have hit the radar of governments and policy-makers, as well as financial institutions, across the globe.   The Second Annual Academic Symposium on crowdfunding is taking place this week at UC… Read More

The State of Crowdfunding (Infographic)

In conduction with their Q1 Crowdfunding Data report, the Crowdfunding Centre has created an infographic highlighting some of the numbers generated by their research.  Not only is crowdfunding  an established form of capital formation it is growing at a phenomenal pace.  While still in the… Read More

Report: Crowdfunding Boosts UK Economy Over £9 Million in Past Three Months

The Crowdfunding Centre has released statistics that indicate that crowdfunding has increased the UK economy over £9 million including: Rewards crowdfunding raised £4.3m, at a rate of more than £3,800 per hour during March, compared with £1,700 per hour in January and February. Equity crowdfunding… Read More

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