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France: Autorité des marchés financiers Warns on Trading Bots

The French Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) is cautioning the public on trading bots in the Forex sector. The AMF states these are not authorized platforms and they frequently target French overseas departments and territories. The AMF states that it has recently seen an uptick… Read More

Superalgos Launches Free Crypto Trading Bot Design Platform

Superalgos, an open-source, community-owned trading intelligence project, this week launched its free platform for designing, testing, and deploying crypto trading bots. It comes after four years in development with tens of thousands of downloads during the open beta phase as the community builds up liquidity… Read More

Justin Giudicia: Head of Product at Telos Foundation Reveals What Makes Telos (TLOS) Unique and How it Outperforms Competitors like BSC

We recently connected with Justin Giudici, Head of Product at the Telos Foundation, which supports the development of Telos (TLOS), a high-performance blockchain that has evolved into one of the most promising crypto-focused platforms in the digital assets space. Guidici talked about what makes Telos… Read More

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