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Snowden Documentary Raises $842K, Slated For September 2014 Release

Filmmakers Travis Doering and Jason Bourque have been raising funds for a documentary about Edward Snowden since the fall of 2013 with a plan of ending their funding campaign on January 1, 2014. That date has come to pass, and the result of their effort… Read More

Edward Snowden Film Over Halfway of Crowdfunding $1.7 Million Goal, Shifts Campaign to Kickstarter

“Classified:  The Edward Snowden Story” has already raised $87,700 on their own crowdfunding site.  Add to that amount $746,050 raised via Bitcoin and project creators Travis Doering and Jason Bourque are well on their way to crowdfund their $1.7 Million goal. Bourque will be the… Read More

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