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Blockchain Scalability: Starknet Upgrade Expected to Bring Significantly Greater TPS to Ethereum Ecosystem

Starknet is deploying a “bottleneck-busting” upgrade, which is expected to bring unprecedented TPS of “several hundred” to the Ethereum ecosystem. The Ethereum network is congested, and scaling solutions including Starknet aim “to operate at high throughput in order to alleviate the traffic jam.” Eli Ben-Sasson,… Read More

Digital Asset Infrastructure Firm CANVAS Launches L2 Scaling Solution for “Gasless” DeFi Transactions

CANVAS, a DeFi infrastructure company, is pleased to announce the testnet launch of CANVAS Connect, the Layer 2 scaling solution “built for the digital economy.” CANVAS Connect was “built in partnership with StarkWare, using the company’s STARK Proofs to batch DeFi transactions.” The new service… Read More

Israeli Blockchain Firm Starkware Finalizes $100M Round at $8B Valuation

Israeli blockchain firm StarkWare, which offers a cryptographic compression service, has managed to quadruple its latest valuation during just the past six months. Starkware confirmed that it finalized a $100 million Series D round that had been led by Greenoaks Capital as well as Coatue,… Read More

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