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Blockchain Scalability: Starknet Upgrade Expected to Bring Significantly Greater TPS to Ethereum Ecosystem

Starknet is deploying a “bottleneck-busting” upgrade, which is expected to bring unprecedented TPS of “several hundred” to the Ethereum ecosystem. The Ethereum network is congested, and scaling solutions including Starknet aim “to operate at high throughput in order to alleviate the traffic jam.” Eli Ben-Sasson,… Read More

Blockchain Adoption: The Graph Network Transitions from Ethereum to Arbitrum for Enhanced Scaling Capabilities

The Graph, the indexing and query protocol for organizing blockchain data, begins the final phase of its integration onto Arbitrum, the Layer 2 (L2) scaling solution built on Ethereum. Through its transition to Arbitrum One, The Graph reportedly “lowers gas fees, accelerates transaction speeds, and… Read More

Dr. Amrit Kumar: COO at Altlayer Explains How Blockchain Ecosystem, Web3, dApps Are Evolving to Meet User Requirements

We recently connected with Dr. Amrit Kumar, COO at Altlayer, which focuses on building key infrastructure for Web 3.0, an evolving set of standards that aims to support the Internet of the future. Dr. Amrit Kumar (currently at Altlayer) previously co-founded Zilliqa Research, where he… Read More

Growth of L2 Blockchain, Crypto Tech Shows Potential to Compete with L1s: Huobi Research

With major exchanges listing OP tokens recently, attention has been “brought to Layer 2 and its potential to eat into Layer 1’s market share,” according to an update from Huobi. However, the TVL for Layer 2 has “pulled back by over 40%, which is far… Read More

Optimism’s Token Launch Might “Elevate” Its Rollup Status: Huobi Research Institute

Optimism, one of the four “major” Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solutions, will soon be “launching a new governance and incentive token, OP, much to the community’s excitement.” This launch, which includes airdrops to early adopters and active users and contributors, has “the potential to stir… Read More

Ethereum Scaling Solution Nahmii Provides Updates on Withdrawing Funds, Announces More Developer Support

Layer 2 scaling solution Nahmii has shared updates regarding users’ ability to withdraw funds from Nahmii to Ethereum via their bridge. As the team reaches the end of a busy year for the Nahmii project, they wanted to share a timely update with the community… Read More

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