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University of Hawaii Uses Indiegogo to Support Athletics Travel

Once you think about it – its quite obvious. The University of Hawaii has the highest cost in the nation for their collegiate sport teams.  While it may be great to lives someplace with blue skies and warm weather year round (not to mention great… Read More

Arizona State University’s Crowdfunding Platform Aids Research

Arizona State University’s new, official crowdfunding platform is helping faculty and student researchers find support for unique and socially beneficial studies.  Crowdfunding is a growing method to incubate ideas, capture feedback and generate support and ASU has launched their site with diverse campaigns. BullyBlocker is… Read More

Universities explore crowdfunding, social media to raise money

Universities across the USA are stepping beyond traditional fundraising methods. Crowdfunding websites are an emerging business strategy that allow people to donate money directly toward university projects. Alumni, as well as non-university affiliated donors, can make philanthropic contributions, some of which are tax-deductible, to specific… Read More

Students get startup smarts, schools get donors: USEED crowdfunds motivation

Millenials get a bad rap for being entitled, lazy and self-centered. The people at USEED, a new crowdfunding site for college students, have a different view:  they believes millenials are eager to show initiative if only they’re given an environment that encourages it. “Students from all… Read More

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