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Dash & ASU Blockchain Research Lab Discuss New Research on Scaling Solutions

When discussing key issues facing crypto and blockchain and other Nakamoto networks, the possibility and ability of scaling these networks has been the primary concern and focus. Dash, a digital currency for payments and e-commerce, partnered with the Arizona State University Blockchain Research Lab to explore… Read More

Brief: Arizona State University Dubbed Winner of the Blue Mountain State Movie College Contest

Following the release of Blue Mountain State: the Rise of Thadland, creator Eric Falconer announced Arizona State University as winner of the film’s college contest. During its run on Kickstarter, BMS enlisted universities across the country to support their project (and more than a few from outside the… Read More

Arizona State University’s Crowdfunding Platform Aids Research

Arizona State University’s new, official crowdfunding platform is helping faculty and student researchers find support for unique and socially beneficial studies.  Crowdfunding is a growing method to incubate ideas, capture feedback and generate support and ASU has launched their site with diverse campaigns. BullyBlocker is… Read More

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