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Jack Henry, Victor Technologies, MVB Bank to Offer Faster Payments Capabilities

Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. (NASDAQ: JKHY) announced that Victor Technologies, Inc. is “working with the company to advance its instant payments strategy.” A subsidiary of MVB Edge Ventures, Inc., and part of the MVB Bank, Inc. family, Victor helps banks “manage fintech partnerships and… Read More

Indonesian Tech Giant Bukalapak to Leverage Fraud Prevention Solution from Vesta to Maximize Legit Credit Card Transactions

Vesta, the only “instant, end-to-end” transaction guarantee platform for making online purchases, recently revealed that it has been chosen by Bukalapak, which is one of Indonesia’s biggest tech firms. According to a release, Bukalapak will be leveraging Vesta’s extensive fraud prevention solution “to maximize approvals… Read More

Uber of the Skies Victor Seeks Series B Investments on Crowdcube

Victor is looking to disrupt the “flying on demand” jet charter market with a similar business model to that of Uber.  The company describes itself as such: “On-Demand Private Jet Charter. The widest choice of jets, times, routes and prices, all at your fingertips, with… Read More

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