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Indiegogo Alum Tens Sunglasses Scores Significant Investment From Richard Branson

Richard Branson and Tens

Two years after successfully securing £374,213 through its Indiegogo campaign, Tens, the real life photo filtering sunglasses, has reportedly received a significant investment from famous entrepreneur and Virgin Group’s Sir Richard Branson. Tens, which was founded by Kris Reid, Marty Bell, and Tom Welsh,  offers sunglasses that lend an… Read More

Brief: Crowdfunder UK Forms New Partnership With Virgin Startup to Help Crowdfunded Businesses Grow & Thrive

Richard Branson 2

Last week, crowdfunding platform Crowdfunder UK announced it has formed a new partnership with Virgin Startup to reportedly enable start-ups to raise finance, validate new concepts, pre-sell products, grow customer bases and market ideas. The portal shared: “Over the last few years there’s been a revolution… Read More

Richard Branson Reveals How Crowdfunding Could Change The World (Video)

RM72 crowdfunding event Chicago 2

Sharing his thoughts about crowdfunding, Virgin Group’s founder Richard Branson discuss why he believes that the funding method could be a game changer for startups. While revealing his experience with the crowdfunding industry, Branson wrote: “Is crowdfunding going to change the world? I was delighted… Read More

Richard Branson Talks Crowdfunding, Business, & Money Raising With Entrepreneur

Richard Branson 1

Ready to share his advice on business success, founder of Virgin Group Richard Branson sat down with Entrepreneur to discuss key ways for readers to raise funds for their businesses. While sharing details about Virgin Group, Branson recalled, “My friends and I came up with… Read More

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