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Investment Platform Lightyear Introduces New Features for Web Application

Investment platform Lightyear announces the full launch of its web application with new stock screeners, a requested feature by investors on the platform. The screeners – a directory of instruments with metrics and data – is “completely available to the public.” Lightyear customers can now… Read More

Investment Platform Lightyear Reports Steady Investing Activity and Business Growth

Investment platform Lightyear announces a “record” year of investment activity on the platform. Seeing nearly 20% month-on-month growth in assets under management (AUM), the appetite for investing – despite another rollercoaster year for the public markets – remains high. In 2023, the company also “increased… Read More

Fintech Lightyear Announces Investments from South Korean VC Firms Sunbo Angel Partners and Lighthouse Combined Investment

Lightyear announced a strategic investment from two South Korean venture capital funds, Sunbo Angel Partners and Lighthouse Combined Investment. Both funds, with ties to South Korea’s automotive industry and other manufacturing corporate alliances, “have recognized Lightyear’s potential to create the next era of highly efficient… Read More

London based Investment Platform Lightyear Introduces Exchange Traded Commodities with Launch of Gold

Investment platform Lightyear announces its expansion into exchange traded commodities (ETCs) with the launch of gold. Adding ETCs to its existing suite of 3,500+ stocks, ETFs and MMFs, is another way for Lightyear’s retail and business customers “across Europe to diversify portfolios.” iShares Physical Gold… Read More

European Investment Platform Lightyear Announces Launch of Web Application

Investment platform Lightyear announces the launch of its web application. The requested feature will “enable customers to manage their portfolios, buy/sell shares and research 3,000+ instruments available on Lightyear.” As noted in the update shared with CI, the importance of offering “a web platform has… Read More

Investment Platform Lightyear Introduces In-App Access to Earnings Calls

Finance software startup Quartr and investment platform Lightyear announce a partnership to bring Quartr’s convenient “access to earnings calls audios, reports and slide decks to the Lightyear platform.” Quartr has “collected company information from roughly 7,000 listed companies and have, since this autumn, started redistributing… Read More

Investment Platform Lightyear Introduces Free Shareholder Engagement, Voting for Retail Investors

European investment platform Lightyear has rolled out voting alongside in-app communication, “giving shareholders and publicly traded companies a seamless way to engage with each other.” This feature is “a first for many countries around Europe, where this level of ownership and transparency is lacking for… Read More

Investment Platform Lightyear Launches in 19 European Nations

Martin Sokk notes that being European, his co-founder Mihkel and him had a front row seat to “how difficult and expensive investing in global markets was.” Martin added that you “have the big banks and professional platforms — but then you’re faced with confusing interfaces… Read More

Lightyear, an Accounts Payable Automation Software App, Introduces Advanced Reporting Engine

Lightyear, the Purchasing and Accounts Payable automation software app, recently announced the launch of an improved Advanced Reporting engine. The Advanced Reporting engine has redesigned the Archive from the ground up, offering a more seamless user interface (UI) that enable accounting and finance teams to… Read More

UK Fintech Lightyear Announces Launch of New Features

Fintech startup Lightyear, which launched in the UK in 2021 and in 19 European countries in July 2022, has “expanded its product suite with the launch of Price Alerts, a highly requested feature by customers.” Lightyear, founded by early Wise alumni Martin Sokk and Mihkel… Read More

UK Fintech Lightyear Launches in 19 EU Nations, Acquires $25M in Funding

Investment platform Lightyear has announced a $25M Series A equity round “led by Lightspeed Venture Partners.” The company’s seed investors, Mosaic Ventures, Taavet+Sten and Metaplanet also took part in the investment round “alongside a number of new and existing angel investors.” Joining Lightspeed in this… Read More

UK Fintech Lightyear Introduces Limit Orders, Auto Conversions, Exportable Activity Statements

Fintech firm Lightyear, which launched in the UK last year, recently announced the addition of new features: limit orders, auto conversions and exportable activity statements. Lightyear has also “formally appointed two of its seed investors as advisors, Wander Rutgers and Joe Cross.” Lightyear, founded by… Read More

Fintech Lightyear Introduces Lightyear Profiles to Encourage Converstaions Around Investing

Fintech startup Lightyear announced the launch of Lightyear Profiles, which is a way for investors to share “high-level” details regarding their investment portfolio with friends. It creates individual and personalized web pages for every user highlighting their portfolio holdings, recent activities, and which stocks are… Read More

Fintech Lightyear, Founded by Early Wise Investors, Secures $8.5M via Latest Investment Round

Fintech firm Lightyear announced on Wednesday (September 15, 2021) that they’ve acquired an additional $8.5 million in capital. The firm also confirmed the launch of its app as the business begins onboarding UK clients off its waiting list. Lightyear aims to combine multi-currency accounts with… Read More

Fintech Lightyear, Founded by Early Wise Investors, Secures $1.5M via Pre-Seed Round

Fintech startup Lightyear has secured $1.5 million through a pre-seed funding round. The company has also introduced its waiting list for Europe’s first “truly commission-free” investment platform. As noted in a release shared with CI, Lightyear‘s platform is scheduled for roll out in Q3 2021…. Read More

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