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Singer Neon Hitch Ditches Warner Brothers Studio; Now Turns to Indiegogo Backers & Fans to Become Her New Label

Continuing to keep her career going after saying farewell to her formal label, Warner Brothers, British singer Neon Hitch launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $50,000 for not only her upcoming album but also for the world’s “first” fan label. According to the… Read More

Veronica Mars Movie Trailer Premieres, Grand Kickstarter Experiment To Hit Theaters Soon

Last night during E! News, the movie trailer for Veronica Mars was shown for the first time. The movie is slated to begin appearing in theaters across the United States on March 14th, 2014. There’s something about that big WB that appears in the first ten seconds… Read More

Batman-Themed Indiegogo Campaign Nets Cease & Desist From Warner Bros.

The creators of webseries Batgirl: Spoiled were disappointed to find themselves on the wrong end of a cease & desist from Warner Bros. Entertainment, who currently owns the rights to the Batman likeness and franchise. Indiegogo promptly removed the campaign page and the project’s creators are now… Read More

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