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Brief: Kristen Bell Reveals She Randomly Searches Through GoFundMe Pages At Night

While continuing to raise awareness for her new healthy food petition, Veronica Mars starlet Kristen Bell recently revealed to E! News her favorite pastime is looking up GoFundMe crowdfunding campaigns she can put funds towards. During her interview with the media outlet, Bell shared: “I… Read More

Veronica Mars Movie Trailer Premieres, Grand Kickstarter Experiment To Hit Theaters Soon

Last night during E! News, the movie trailer for Veronica Mars was shown for the first time. The movie is slated to begin appearing in theaters across the United States on March 14th, 2014. There’s something about that big WB that appears in the first ten seconds… Read More

Crowdfunded Film Veronica Mars Releases Trailer, Thanks Kickstarter Backers (Video)

The Veronica Mars Movie Project which raised over $5.7 Million on Kickstarter from over 91 thousand supporters has taken another step in project completion in releasing the movie trailer in conjunction with an appearance at Comic Con. The entire Veronica Mars crew made an appearance… Read More

Veronica Mars Movie Crowdfunds Over $2Million in Less Than One Day

The film crowfunding project started today with a goal of $2 Million to fund the project – Veronica Mars. With 30 days remaining in the campaign to reach the $2 Million goal – those additional days will not be necessary.  Veronica Mars successfully crowdfunded in… Read More

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