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WayBetter Looks to Raise $20 Million Under Reg A+

WayBetter Mission

WayBetter launched a “Test the Waters” campaign on SeedInvest last summer.  The posting soliciting indications of investor interest pretty much killed it out of the gate. Now WayBetter is taking the next step to raising capital under Regulation A+ with a Series B funding round… Read More

The Top 10 Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns of 2015

Featured Top 10 EC 2015

Regulation A+ crowdfunding rules were released by the SEC in June of 2015, three years after these rules were initially introduced in the 2012 JOBS Act. The debut of the long-awaited regulations led to a flood of companies rushing to capitalize on this new method… Read More

Social Dieting Website WayBetter Obtains $9.3M in Investment Interest on SeedInvest in Just 48 Hours in First Campaign Under New Mini-IPO Rules (Infographic)

WayBetter Lose Weight

SeedInvest, an equity crowdfunding platform, announced on Friday that WayBetter, which runs the social dieting website, DietBet, successfully conducted one of the first “testing the waters” fund-raising campaigns under the new mini-IPO rules, which went into effect on June 19th. The company received $9.3 million of investment interest… Read More

WayBetter is Killing it on SeedInvest as it “Tests the Water” with Reg A+

Rocket Launch Escape Velocity

On Friday last week, Crowdfund Insider shared that SeedInvest, an equity crowdfunding platform in NYC, had launched a potential Regulation A+ issuer, WayBetter, as they “test the water” of investors. Part of the potential of Title IV of the JOBS Act, or Regulation A+, is… Read More

SeedInvest Lists WayBetter as Reg A+ Issue to “Test the Water”

WayBetter Lose Weight

One of the positive points of Regulation A+ is the ability of potential issuers to publicly measure investor interest before committing to a full bore funding round. This “Test the Waters” process allows a company to advertise before going through the SEC registration process –… Read More

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