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Kickstarter Success Wearhaus Secures $4M in Series A Funding Round

A little over two years after securing $247,379 on Kickstarter for its flagship product, Wearhaus Arc wireless headphones, San Francisco-based Wearhaus announced it raised $4 million during a Series A funding round. The company stated its Wearhaus Arc is a Bluetooth headset to allows friends… Read More

Listen Up: Crowdfunding-Success Wearhaus Arc Headphones Hits Kickstarter to Raise $50,000

The digital age has completely reshaped how music is shared, but headphones have not kept pace – until now. Wearhaus, a hardware startup founded by two 21-year-old UC Berkeley dropouts, is catapulting this classic piece of hardware into the 21st century with their brand new… Read More

Wearhaus Arc Headset Surpasses Its $75k Crowdfunding Goal and Starts Production

Wearhaus Arc, the world’s first social headphones, announced on Tuesday it has reached its crowdfunding campaign goal of $75k and officially started production. The Arc uses Bluetooth technology to bring a more tangible personal experience back to music discovery. Founder of Wearhaus Arc, Nelson Zhang noted,… Read More

WearHaus Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For The Arc Headphones

Wearhaus, a startup aiming to change the way people share music, launched its very own $75k crowdfunding campaign on Tuesday for its new product, the Arc. The new wireless headphones will bring back the intimacy and fund of listening to music together. Inspired by a… Read More

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