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Loopring Foundation Announces Partnership With UC Berkeley to Launch New Blockchain Research Program

Loopring, a blockchain protocol that will facilitate trading between centralized and decentralized exchanges, announced on Monday it has teamed up with UC Berkeley to launch a research program that will focus on cross-blockchain transfer and trading protocols. According to Loopring, the blockchain research program will be… Read More

UC Berkeley Research Reveals: Women Raise More Money With Crowdfunding

This week, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business assistant professor, Andreea Gorbatai, announced in a recent report that is currently under review, women reportedly raised more money with crowdfunding. Gorbatai revealed to Entrepreneur that women generally use words that talk about positive emotions — for example,… Read More

UC Berkeley Announces CrowdBerkeley to Understand the Crowdfunding Revolution

UC Berkeley has announced a new entity in ‘CrowdBerkeley’, a partnership focused on teaching and learning about the power of crowdfunding.  Berkeley states that crowdfunding is changing the future of finance by fostering the exchange of capital through new technology channels and by providing a… Read More

UC Berkeley Launches Crowdfunding Platform

UC Berkeley revealed last year that it intended to launch a campus wide crowdfunding platform and that came to fruition this past Monday. Described as a “beta phase”, the site will allow students, faculty and researchers to raise money for projects. The site launched with 5,… Read More

Listen Up: Crowdfunding-Success Wearhaus Arc Headphones Hits Kickstarter to Raise $50,000

The digital age has completely reshaped how music is shared, but headphones have not kept pace – until now. Wearhaus, a hardware startup founded by two 21-year-old UC Berkeley dropouts, is catapulting this classic piece of hardware into the 21st century with their brand new… Read More

Update: Axent Wear’s Cat Ear Headphones Nears $800,000 During First Week on Indiegogo; Offers Incentives to Backers

Just a few days after its cat ear headphones’ crowdfunding campaign hit Indiegogo, Axent Wear, which was created by two UC Berkeley alums, has not only surpassed its initial $250,000 goal, but has reached over $796,000 thanks to 5,000 backers. Now the project’s organizers are offering… Read More

UC Berkeley Alums Seeks $250,000 Through Indiegogo Campaign For Cat Ear Headphones; Reaches $247,000 First Day

Offering up a new way to listen to music, Berkeley-based startup Axent Wear launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for its self-titled cat ear headphones. Seeking $250,000, the project hit nearly $247,000 by close 1,600 backers within the first 24 hours. Started by two UC Berkeley… Read More

2nd Annual Academic Symposium on Crowdfunding

Our 2nd annual academic symposium on crowdfunding will be held September 11th & 12th. Like the first, this gathering will bring together academics, practitioners, and policy makers. This symposium will take a global look at the developing phenomena of social finance for SMEs and Innovation… Read More

Crowdnetic and UC Berkeley to partner on Crowdfunding Research

Over a year ago, Crowdnetic and UC Berkeley began collaborating on the launch of UC Berkeley’s Program for Innovation in Entrepreneurial and Social Finance, headed by Dr. Richard Swart, who serves as its Director of Research at the Coleman Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership. Through… Read More

UC Berkeley Announces Details About the Campus’ Crowdfunding Platform

University of California, Berkeley announced earlier this year the development of its very own crowdfunding platform that will become operational in early 2015. The declaration comes as hope that the university will join other UC campuses such as UCLA, UCSF, and UC Santa Cruz in… Read More

Dr. Richard Swart on Crowdfunding: Markets, Revenue, Jobs (Deck)

The well attended Crowdfund Global Expo, which took place last week in San Diego, had more than a few big names in the crowdfunding world in attendance.  One of the leading industry advocates is Dr. Richard Swart who gave an impressive presentation on alternative finance… Read More

New Academic Study Seeks Input From UK Crowdfunding Platforms

The University of California, Berkeley, Nesta and the University of Cambridge have teamed up and plan to execute a benchmarking survey to capture the size, transaction volume and growth of the alternative finance market in the UK. The team behind the upcoming report is asking… Read More

BigLeap Offers Prize for Games That Can Make Kids Smarter Hits Goal

BigLeap, the world’s first crowdfunding prize and reward network for social good, is excited to announce that its first Challenge has passed its funding milestone and is moving into its competition phase. BigLeap’s first challenge is championed by Professor Silvia Bunge, a neuroscience and childhood… Read More

WATCH: Richard Swart’s Macro Take On The World Bank Report

Crack The Crowd has released part one of what is to be a three-part interview with Dr. Richard Swart, who is a partner at Crowdfund Capital Advisors and the head of the crowdfunding research program at UC Berkeley. He was instrumental in the recently released… Read More

Storify: Tweets From #BerkeleyCF, Academic Symposium on Crowdfunding

Sherwood “Woodie” Neiss, Richard Swart, Doug Ellenoff and many other crowdfunding industry thought leaders have been busy in Berkeley this week participating in the Fung Institute’s Academic Symposium on Crowdfunding at UC Berkeley. Here we provide a selection of tweets from the event, which encapsulate… Read More


University of California at Berkeley Blum Hall, plaza level Thursday, October 17, 2013 at 12:00 PM -Friday, October 18, 2013 at 2:00 PM (PDT) AGENDA: THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17TH   12:00PM-1:00PM    REGISTRATION & WELCOME LUNCHEON 1:00-2:15    INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVES ON CROWDFUNDING ➢ Dr. Tarik Yousef, CEO,… Read More

Ruth Hedges On UNLV Crowdfunding Course, Crowdfunding Roadmap & Second Bootcamp Event

Ruth Hedges is the CEO of Crowdfunding Roadmap, a leader in industry groups like CFIRA and the CFPA and the organizer of the first Global Crowdfunding Convention & Bootcamp conference. Now she has announced that she will be holding a two-day course on crowdfunding on… Read More

Dr. Richard Swart To Head Crowdfunding Research At UC Berkeley

Dr. Richard Swart has been appointed as Director of Research overseeing the policies, best practices and innovation in entrepreneurial finance at the University of California, Berkeley. The Program for Innovation in Entrepreneurial and Social Finance, directed under the College of Engineering’s Fung Institute, seeks to examine… Read More

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