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KREYOS: iPhone Compatible Smartwatch Fully Funded On Indiegogo

The KREYOS smartwatch is fully funded on Indiegogo with plenty of time left in the campaign, and it promises to bring hands-free smartphone use to the masses. According to the Indiegogo campaign page, the KREYOS integrates a microphone and a three-axis gyroscope to allow the… Read More

Björk Cancels Kickstarter Campaign for Android/Windows Versions of Biophilia App

Björk‘s Kickstarter has been canceled. The Awl points out (via Spin) that the campaign launched to fund the Android/Windows versions of her Biophilia app is no longer. It’s not so much that it fell short of its funding goal; rather, it was cancelled. The project stalled nearly three weeks before its February 27 complete… Read More

VLC successfully crowd funds Windows 8 port

The developers who were seeking funding for a port of the VLC media player as a Windows 8 User Experience (Metro) application have reached their goal. With five days still to go on the campaign on the Kickstarter crowd-funding web site the developers have raised… Read More

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