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Asian Pop Stars Leading the Charge into Celebrity-Branded Crypto

Musicians are increasingly looking to crypto to secure and boost bottom lines. Korean paper The Chosun Ilbo reported in February that Korean girl band T-ara are working with Australian firm ENTCash to produce a cryptocurrency or token that fans will be able to trade for… Read More

It’s Fine For The Rich & Famous To Use Kickstarter; Bjork’s Project Failed Because It Was Lame

Nearly two years ago, we had a post pointing out that it was silly for people to complain when the “rich and famous” made use of platforms like Kickstarter. That story was about Tom Hanks’ son Colin looking for funds to complete a documentary. As we noted,… Read More

Bjork’s cautionary tale of crowdfunding

The news the Bjork has cancelled a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the Biophilia app for Windows 8 and Android operating systems is a surprising one if you take it at face value. This is frickin Bjork! She has a huge number of adoring fans. She’s an icon…. Read More

Björk Cancels Kickstarter Campaign for Android/Windows Versions of Biophilia App

Björk‘s Kickstarter has been canceled. The Awl points out (via Spin) that the campaign launched to fund the Android/Windows versions of her Biophilia app is no longer. It’s not so much that it fell short of its funding goal; rather, it was cancelled. The project stalled nearly three weeks before its February 27 complete… Read More

Three Signs Crowdfunding Has Reached a New Level

When Kickstarter announced it received $35 million in pledges for music projects in 2012, it seemed crowdfunding had gone mainstream. Amanda Palmer’s record-setting $1.2-million take certainly turned some heads. But there are signs that crowdfunding is becoming even more mainstream. 1. Bjork launched a Kickstarter campaign… Read More

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