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Indiegogo Alum Anonabox Announces Recall Due to Security Flaw

Last fall, Crowdfund Insider shared details about the infamous Tor hardware router, Anonabox. The device received some negative attention after Kickstarter decided pulled the plug on its nearly $600,000 funded campaign when backers began to question the creator, August Germar, and the details that was given about the project…. Read More

Brief: Chris Roberts Talks Star Citizen’s Epic Crowdfunding Success

With Star Citizen’s campaign continuing to be the most well known crowdfunding project on the web, creator Chris Roberts sat down with Wired to share details about the initiative and its success. As previously reported, when Star Citizen surfaced in 2012, it immediately hit the spotlight and became one of… Read More

QuizRevolution Hits Fundrise To Raise Funds For Highly Addictive Digital Content

QuizRevolution has publicly launched their interactive and engaging online app platform with unique ways to enhance website content. They are offering enticing, educational, even addictive entertainment value for client web sites. With that, QuizRevolution offers a dynamic opportunity for investors through crowdfunding platform Fundrise to… Read More

Loomio Scores $125K In CrowdHoster Campaign

Excited to share the special news, Loomio creators took to their blog announce its crowdfunding campaign reached $125,000 and share their gratitude towards it’s 1,600 backers. Setting out to raise $100,000, Loomio managed to raise over $80k just five days after launching the campaign on CrowdHoster…. Read More

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