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Crowdfunding Success “Star Citizen” Surpasses $141 Million in Funding

Just a little over a year after securing $100 million, Star Citizen from Roberts Space Industries an addition $41 million in funding from well over 1.7 million backers. Back in November of 2012, the game successfully raised $2.1 million on Kickstarter. Chris Roberts, the campaign organizer, has kept… Read More

“Star Citizen” & “Squadron 42” Move to Amazon Lumberyard Game Engine

Roberts Space Industries, the company behind famous crowdfunded game, Star Citizen, announced last Friday that the game, along with Squadron 42, will now be using Amazon Lumberyard game engine. Originally, the video game studio revealed it was using Crytek’s game engine, CryEngine. Unfortunately, Crytek has reportedly… Read More

Incredible: Star Citizen Tops $100 Million

Perhaps the longest, continuous, crowdfunding campaign ever, the Star Citizen video game has now topped $100 Million raised from over on million Star Citizen supporters.  Star Citizen is an MMO and may be released at some point in 2016 and remains in Alpha now. Back… Read More

Brief: Chris Roberts Talks Star Citizen’s Epic Crowdfunding Success

With Star Citizen’s campaign continuing to be the most well known crowdfunding project on the web, creator Chris Roberts sat down with Wired to share details about the initiative and its success. As previously reported, when Star Citizen surfaced in 2012, it immediately hit the spotlight and became one of… Read More

Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts Announces New Ship & “Virtual Pets” As the Game Nears $65M

As Star Citizen’s crowdfunding campaign continues to climb towards $65 million, founder and creator, Chris Roberts, announced he and the studio Imperium Games will be adding a new spaceship, MISC Reliant, along with a “virtual pet” system to the already highly anticipated video game. During his recent update… Read More

Brief: Star Citizen Creator Discusses Crowdfunding & The Video Game’s Development (Video)

With Star Citizen continuing to be the most crowdfunded video game of all time, creator Chris Roberts sat down to discuss his experience with the funding method along with the game and its development. When Star Citizen surfaced in 2012, it immediately hit the spotlight and became one… Read More

Star Citizen Crowdfunding Campaign Sets Guinness World Record

It’s the crowdfunding campaign that just won’t end and now Star Citizen is hitting the record books! Not only did the campaign reach $54 million last month, the project has set the Guinness World Record for “Insane Crowdfunding Haul.” Star Citizen has been dubbed the largest crowdfunded game of all time… Read More

Update: Never Ending Campaign Star Citizen Now at $42 Million

The never ending crowdfunding campaign for video game Star Citizen from Roberts Space Industries continues to grow now standing at over $42 million for game in development.  For those of you that have not been following the odyssey of Star Citizen, back in November of… Read More

Brief: Star Citizen Launches New In-Game Feature, Hits Funding Milestone

Cloud Imperium Games has announced the release of Star Citizen’s Organization system. In Star Citizen, organizations are groups that will persist into the game. Organizations can be created by anyone with the game package on their account. There are a host of available features that are explained in… Read More

Escapist Video Spurs Debate About Star Citizen’s Legacy

The Escapist : Jimquisition : Early Access The video above has resulted in a bit of a kerfuffle on the forums for Star Citizen. It features The Escapist video game review editor Jim Sterling going off about early access games, which are invariably linked to the… Read More

Star Citizen Hits $35M, Announces New Stretch Goals

Star Citizen has surpassed $35 million in funding. Chris Roberts announced the milestone in a recent backer update posted to robertsspaceindustries.com… Wow! When I started this journey I would have never guessed that we would have come so far in such a short time. $35M… Read More

Star Citizen Bumps Release Of Dogfighting Module: Crowd Reaction

It was long-rumored and now it has come to fruition: Star Citizen and lead developer Chris Roberts have bumped the release of the much-anticipated dogfighting module. The revelation was shared in a recent backer update on the RSI web site… Originally when I first started this journey… Read More

Is Star Citizen On Pace To Crowdfund $100 Million?

You have to love the community that has formed around Cloud Imperium Games’s upcoming release Star Citizen. The crowd that has formed around the game maintains various discussion communities around the Internet, not the least of which is the /r/starcitizen subreddit, which boasts almost 16,000 subscribers…. Read More

Update: Star Citizen Breaks $30 Million in Crowdfunding

We just reported just last week that Star Citizen had leaped over $28 Million in funds raised having captured the support of 300,000 backers and now that amount is a distant memory in the rear view memory of this never ending crowdfunding campaign.  The campaign… Read More

Brief: Star Citizen Crosses $28 Million In Funding, 300K Backers

The campaign for Star Citizen keeps marching on. Chris Roberts and the developers at Cloud Imperium just recently crossed two milestones: $28 million in funding and 300,000 backers. This comes on the heels of news that October was one of the most successful months for the Star Citizen… Read More

Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 7, 2013

BBC | Blogger raises funds to tweet from phone-hacking trial Peter Jukes has been following the News Of The World phone hacking scandal since the news broke. However, financial hardship was going to force him to stop following the proceedings in person for the rest… Read More

Star Citizen Added $5 Million In October

The campaign for Star Citizen is aging like a fine wine. Chris Roberts and his friends at Cloud Imperium Games raised over $5 million in the month of October alone, almost 20% of their ridiculous $26-million-plus raised thus far. That $26 million total has been… Read More

For Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium Makes The Rules

Full disclosure, I was gearing up to report on the end of Star Citizen’s massive, $25-million-plus crowdfunding campaign when I saw that there were only a little over 1,000 “seats” left for the game. Imagine my shock when I check this morning to find that there… Read More

Star Citizen’s Never Ending Crowdfunding Campaign Tops $17 Million Raised

Chris Roberts Sets New Stretch Goals of $18 & $19 Million. Stands as Most Successful Crowdfunding Campaign Ever. We just recently covered Star Citizen and their ongoing crowdfunding campaign as they had just passed $16 Million raised and now they have surpassed the next milestone… Read More

Star Citizen Hits $16 Million, Begins Delivery To Backers With Hangars

Star Citizen has raised over $15 million in a crowdfunding campaign that has been operating for the better part of the last year. Now Chris Roberts and the rest of the team charged with bringing the video game to reality are beginning delivery to backers…. Read More

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