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Women Who Tech Unveils Third Women Startup Challenge

The Women Startup Challenge, which is considered one of the largest initiatives to bring together top early-stage women-led startups, launched a national competition to showcase and help fund their ventures. The challenge is described as a national effort to promote game-changing women-led startups focused on… Read More

Zidisha Founder Julia Kurnia: Loans Incentivizing Achievement Rather than Dependency

At age 22, recent George Washington University grad Julia Kurnia co-founded the world’s first microfinance organization built entirely from crowdfunding capital sourced over the internet, using funds raised from Kiva.org in Senegal, West Africa. She spent the next four years managing U.S. government grants to small businesses in… Read More

Women Startup Challenge NYC Teams up With Craig Newmark of craigslist & craigconnects to Help Fund Female-Led Startups In Partnership

Women Who Tech, which is on a mission to showcase and fund women-led startups, announced it will host the second Women Startup Challenge in New York City on November 9th at Microsoft in Times Square. Women Startup Challenge NYC, in partnership with Craig Newmark of craigslist… Read More

Women Who Tech Reports 0% of Women-Led Startups Get Funding (Infographic)

WAIT FOR IT … April Fools DAY! – It’s really a whopping 7%! Even on this day of practical jokes, it’s no laughing matter how few women can attract funding for their tech startups. Advocacy organization Women Who Tech revealed women-led tech startups attract only 7%… Read More

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