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Kickstarter Officially Opens to Crowdfunding Campaign Creators in Scandinavia & Ireland

Last month, CEO of Kickstarter, Yancy Strickler announced the exciting news that the crowdfunding giant would be opening its platform to Scandinavia and Ireland startups. Kickstarter’s team wrote, “We’re so excited to announce that Kickstarter is now available to creators in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Ireland — four countries with amazing cultural histories and… Read More

Milestone: Kickstarter Has Funded Over 50,000 Projects

Crowdfunding leader Kickstarter continues on their successful trajectory with an announcement they have now funded over 50,000 projects since launching their now ubiquitous platform.  These projects represent $834 Million in pledges by over 5 Million backers.  An incredible feat. To add some perspective to their… Read More

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