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Kickstarter Founder Charles Adler: The Truth is Most Entrepreneurs Don’t Succeed

Kickstarter co-founder Charles Adler recently shared his thoughts on finding the portal and life since leaving the crowdfunding industry. Kickstarter is one of the largest and well known reward-based crowdfunding platforms in the world. It was founded by Adler, CEO Yancey Strickler and Perry Chen… Read More

Kickstarter Co-Founder Charles Adler: Build Up Sense of Public Mission in Crowdfunding

By the end of 2015, Kickstarter had launched 274,900 projects, of which 98,500 had successfully reached their fundraising goal. The total contributions added up to $2.147 billion US dollars. 10,101,800 people have been contributors on the Kickstarter platform, of which 3,135,900 were repeat backers. Kickstarter projects… Read More

Kickstarter’s Co-Founder Charles Adler Opens Center for Lost Arts in Chicago

Earlier this month, co-founder of Kickstarter Charles Adler opened his latest project, Center for Lost Arts, in Chicago. According to the Chicago Tribute, Adler unveiled the center, which is inside a former West Town meat wholesaler that was about to be torn down for less than $50,000. He… Read More

Kickstarter’s Charles Adler Shares What The Platform Learned from “We Were Wrong” Decision

Back in June 2013, Kickstarter posted a letter to everyone regarding the crowdfunding giant’s campaign for a seduction guide – which was pulled from the platform after it was fully funded. A previously reported, the “Above the Game: A Guide to Getting Awesome with Women”… Read More

Kickstarter Simplifies Its Rules And Introduces New “Launch Now” Feature

Ready to make changes to its already famous platform, founders of Kickstarter, Charles Adler, Perry Chen, and Yancey Strickler, took to the site’s blog to introduce a brand new feature called “Launch Now.”  The new feature will allow new campaigns to go live without being reviewed… Read More

$1 Billion in Pledges on Kickstarter

Sometime in the hours during the night of March 3, 2014, crowdfunding leader Kickstarter hurdled past the $1 billion mark in crowdfunding pledges.  An incredible mile marker for the company, as well as the industry, which still remains in the early years of development.  On… Read More

Retrospective: Kickstarter’s March To An Incredible Milestone

It’s one of the top 1,000 web sites in the world. It’s been used to fund small, personal pet projects and it’s been used to spur enormous companies. It creates jobs. It’s a platform, an idea, and now even a verb. Do you start a… Read More

Kickstarter Co-founder Charles Adler On Why He Left The Company

In an article published to Architizer yesterday, author Karen Wong interviews Kickstarter co-founder Charles Adler on a variety of subjects. One interesting question she asks early in the interview involves the question of why he left Kickstarter after helping to build the company into a… Read More

Chen Out, Strickler In As CEO Of Kickstarter

In a post published to Kickstarter’s blog yesterday, Perry Chen announced a big shakeup in the roles the three co-founders will play going forward. Chen is stepping down as CEO of Kickstarter and will be supplanted by co-founder Yancey Strickler. Chen will assume role of… Read More

Journalism Crowdfunding site Vourno Announces First Published Story “Kids for Cash”

Vourno, a crowdfunding platform for video journalism, has announced their first “Vourno”, creator Charles Choice, has completed and published his news story, “Kids For Cash,” which premiered on their site today. The project is a 9 minute feature where he explores some of the contributing factors that drive… Read More

Milestone: Kickstarter Has Funded Over 50,000 Projects

Crowdfunding leader Kickstarter continues on their successful trajectory with an announcement they have now funded over 50,000 projects since launching their now ubiquitous platform.  These projects represent $834 Million in pledges by over 5 Million backers.  An incredible feat. To add some perspective to their… Read More

Oh, How Far We’ve Come: Early Kickstarter Designs

In a recent blog post commemorating Kickstarter’s third birthday, Yancey Strickler shared some pictures of early Kickstarter designs that may have helped formulate today’s design. One of Kickstarter’s strengths is their clean, usable design. It is probably one of the top contributing factors to their… Read More

Kickstarter Set to Launch in Australia, New Zealand

Ubiquitous crowdfunding leader Kickstarter has indicated they are launching soon in both Australia and New Zealand.  The rewards based crowdfunding platform has placed a request for projects as they gear up to tackle this new market. Kickstarter also announced they will be in country hosting… Read More

If Kickstarter Projects Aren’t Charity, What Are They?

Yesterday Kickstarter’s three cofounders – Charles Adler, Yancey Strickler and Perry Chen – took to the Kickstarter blog to offer their take on Spike Lee’s participation on the platform. The post was entitled The Truth About Spike Lee and Kickstarter. It isn’t the first time… Read More

Kickstarter Founders Take To Blog To Disarm Critics

Today Kickstarter co-founders Perry Chen, Yancey Strickler and Charles Adler took to the Kickstarter blog to answer criticism regarding recent high-profile campaigns launched by relative celebrities. In case you missed the backlash, here are some reference points: Today in “Should Celebrities Use Kickstarter?” Internet Reacts… Read More

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