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SunFunder Expands into India

Lights on in India SunFunder

SunFunder, a crowdfunding platform that allows social investors to finance high impact solar projects in off-grid communities has announced their first project in India.  Previously all of their projects had taken place in Africa. In India alone 400 million people live without access to electricity.  This is equivalent to half of Asia’s total off grid… Read More

Indian Crowdfunding Platform Milaap Partners with IndusLadies


Based in India, Milaap.org, an online crowdfunding platform joined hands with IndusLadies.com, the largest online community for Indian women with the launch of ‘Change a Life this Women’s Day’ campaign on the occasion of International Women’s Day. “As the largest online community for Indian women, it is our responsibility to help rural women who have… Read More

India’s Milaap Hopes to Raise $100,000 to Help Former Devadasis to Start Businesses


India-based Milaap today announced its 2014 goal to raise $100,000 in loans for these women – Devadasis – via “The Hope Project,” a crowdfunding initiative that will help women to become self-reliant entrepreneurs. Rural India is home to a little-known community of women piecing their lives back together from years as forced sex workers, due to… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: Loving Vincent (Van Gogh), Espresso Tea & Witness Voice – Partition of India

Loving Vincent

After the tech-overload of CES International this past week it is kind of nice to get back to the world of crowdfunding.  Sure I love technology but crowdfunding is much more than hardware – as we all know.   We have had a ton of emails this past week for many excellent campaigns.  I may… Read More

Brief: Ketto Secures Angel Investment For Social Impact Crowdfunding Platform


Ketto is a Mumbai-based crowdfunding platform that “allows individuals, corporates and NGOs to raise funds for their favorite social causes and ideas.” The company has just secured a Rs 77 lakh (~$125,000) angel round from CLUB ah! and Calcutta Angels. According to Next Big What, this is the first investment made by the impact investing arm… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: Ledge Pants, Tilted Barn Brewery, Hucklebury Shirts & Life is…

Ledge Pants Spill

This past week we received a ton of really cool and interesting campaigns. I am still sorting through the emails and flagging projects for review – we may be at a point where we need to expand the column.  Every campaign we feature we believe there is something unique or different with the approach or… Read More

Crowdfunding News Roundup: October 25, 2013


Entrepreneur | Successful Crowdfunding Is About More Than Money It is something we say over and over again: crowdfunding is about more than money. Specifically, entrpereneurs and project creators can and should make use of the feedback they get from the crowd to inform their strategies. Entrepreneur provides more information on this important fact. CNBC |… Read More

Indiegogo Project uChek Will Have To Seek FDA Approval

fda food and drug administration

The fast-and-loose world of crowdfunding and tech is sometimes a little too fast and loose for certain regulatory agencies. Add the FDA to that list. The agency recently put the heat on Biosense for not obtaining FDA approval for the uChek. The uChek is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo. The “medical lab in your phone” promises… Read More

Microlending site Milaap Crowdfunds for Students in India

Milaap Happiness

Milaap.org launches pilot project to fund training for deserving students; raises INR 1 million by crowdfunding. Milaap.org, an online micro-lending platform, celebrates India’s Independence Day by raising funds for deserving students. Milaap’s lenders came together to raise funds from their friends and family in a maiden effort to crowdsource loans for educational training. When Milaap… Read More

Crowdcube Discusses Goals for Global Equity Crowdfunding, Plans Expansion (Updated)

Crowdcube £9.3 Million Raised for British Business

Extending reach of Crowdfunding Platform for Global Expansion of Equity Crowdfunding.  Has Formed Joint Venture for Middle East.  Plans Summer Launch. Crowdcube has formed a joint venture to launch in the Middle East – labeling the expansion “Crowdcube MENA” (Middle East North Africa).  A Joint Venture has been formed for the company and the Crowdcube… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: Rooting for Roona and Fighting Energy Poverty in Haiti

Rooting for Roona

So a bit of a shift today from our regular line up of products and services.  We are sharing two more charitable campaigns both crowdfunding on Indiegogo. The first is from a Haitian based entrepreneur, D&G Green Entreprises, who had his factory destroyed in the 2010 earthquake which devastated much of the country.  His company… Read More

Crowdfunding: A great opportunity for start-ups but what is its fate in India?

India Flag

India is abuzz with innovation and entrepreneurs seeking funds to float new ideas. Typically, entrepreneurs raise money for their fledgling start-ups from angel investors, venture capitalists and even banks.But getting cash from these sources is a tedious affair, and many small start-ups are not equipped to handle the paperwork. Crowd-funding is thus a great alternative to… Read More

Australian Crowdfunding Site Being Used To Bring Solar To Indian Slums


Pollinate Energy — a Sydney and Bangalore-based social enterprise NGO dedicated to using renewable resources to eradicate energy poverty in India -– has joined forces with ChipIn, a new Australian website designed to raise funds for Australian non-profits, to launch a new clean energy crowdfunding campaign. The campaign will start by raising funds to establish five new… Read More

Crowdfunding gathers momentum in India


Mumbai: Crowdfunding, a practice that takes advantage of the collective effort of individuals who pool money mostly through the Internet to support start-ups, appears to be gathering momentum in India with at least four such initiatives being introduced in the past one year. Referred to as crowdfunding platforms in investment circles, they have created a… Read More

Crowdfunding India: An Interview with NCFA India

NCFA India in DNA Mumbai

India is a huge, developing country and enormous economy.  With a population of over 1.2 Billion, and a middle class that is expanding dramatically, one would expect the capital formation power of crowdfunding would be taking hold in this dynamic country.  Equity crowdfunding is not live yet in India, but it is expected to hit… Read More

New crowdfunding platform for films and creative arts


Fund management company Starting Blocks Media Ventures will launch a new crowd funding model, Catapooolt, dedicated to creative projects including movies, music and other performing arts. Catapooolt will be launched during the Hong Kong Asia Film Festival later this month. The company has join hands with the event as the official Crowdfunding Partner for Hong… Read More

People Power: Crowdfunding India

NCFA India

At this year’s Oscars, Inocente became the first “crowd-funded” film to win the award for best documentary on a short subject. This was Kickstarter’s first victory (so far, they’ve have received six nominations) and it’s given more clout to the growing belief that crowd-funding is the solution for those who have ideas, but don’t have… Read More

Films find moolah online

India Flag

Scores of people are investing money to bring to life onscreen the story of six-year-old Chuskit who becomes a paraplegic after a fall. Crowd funding is the way to go, say independent filmmakers who want to retain their creative integrity. Chuskit is six years old — bubbly, innocent, mischievous. She is full of life like… Read More

Crowd funding set for Indian boom

Crowd funding is expected to grow rapidly as a means of funding indie film in India. Delegates at Film Bazaar in Goa were this week repeatedly told of the tantalising opportunities that beckon. A “Knowledge Series” seminar, also made sure that film makers were aware of the different structures available as well as the legal… Read More