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HealthiosXchange Founder Says Equity Crowdfunding Provides Self-Directed IRA Investors with Access to Premium Deal Flow


Scott Jordan, Founder of HealthiosXchange (“H/X”), the equity-based crowdfunding portal of Healthios, has published a White Paper—“Self-Directed IRAs, Meet Crowdfunding!”— which explores how self-directed IRA investors may use equity crowdfunding to achieve attractive returns in private equity. Jordan noted, “Equity crowdfunding, also called ‘portals’, which leverages the Internet and Social Media to raise smaller amounts of capital… Read More

Crowdnetic Announces New Tools on Lendvious


Recently Crowdnetic introduced Lendvious, a platform for the peer to peer lending marketplace focused on both borrowers and investors. Crowdnetic has now unveiled a new subscription option alongside an upgraded investor feature. The new enhanced subscription options include: • Lendvious: Access all Lendvious tools, including SnapInvest and YieldMaster with limited functionality; Free with sign-up. •… Read More

Real Estate Expert & TV Personality to Participate at 2014 Equity University Wealth Building Summit

Kendra Todd

Equity University, the education arm of Equity Trust Company, has announced that television personality and self-directed investor Kendra Todd will be the keynote speaker at the 2014 Equity University Wealth Building Summit, to take place September in Orlando, Florida. Todd, a top-performing real estate agent and the first female winner of the NBC show The Apprentice,… Read More

Crowdfunding Asia Gears Up for Inaugural Event in Singapore

cfasia2014_crowdfunding asia

Crowdfunding is taking off in Asia.  Depending on the country and the legal environment, rewards based and investment based crowdfunding is moving forward as the new approach to capital formation.  While the United States has been a leader in rewards based crowdfunding, Europe and Australia has led the charge on the investment side.  Asia is… Read More

SeedInvest Launches #SaveAngelInvesting Campaign

Startups Economic Growth SeedInvest

Equity crowdfunding portal SeedInvest has been at the forefront of championing the cause of investors and small business by battling the forces that want to deny many the opportunity to participate in certain offerings deemed only available for “accredited investors”.  As the definition stands today an individual must earn $200,000 to qualify ($300,000 if you… Read More

Zoomaal Founder Discusses Crowdfunding’s Popularity in the Middle East


As crowdfunding becomes more popular in various countries, recent reports reveal the funding option is gaining attention in the Middle East. According to the Huffington Post, a handful of Lebanese entrepreneurs are using crowdfunding to create and sustain social initiative throughout the country, some of which have a strong focus on disadvantaged youth. Lebanese-American and MIT… Read More

Investor Advisory Committee Decides to Seek More Data Before Recommendation on Accredited Investor Definition

SEC Investors Advocate Questioned

The Securities and Exchange Commission hosted a meeting of the Investor Advisory Committee yesterday where they tackled the very important issue of defining an “accredited investor”.  Barbara Roper, the Chairman of the ‘Investor as a Purchaser Subcommittee’ closed the meeting without recommendations on altering the definition, stating their intent to meet with DERA (the economic… Read More

UC Berkeley Offers Executive Program to Educate Major Corporations on Crowdsourcing & Crowdfunding


University to Train Corporate Leaders to become Crowd Empowered. The University of California at Berkeley will be hosting the first executive program solely dedicated to training major corporations on the benefits of crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, and crowd intelligence as a way to strengthen their brand and consumer experience and drive innovation.  Berkeley is widely recognized as… Read More

Facts About Peer-to-Peer Lending (Infographic)


The team at LendingRobot have sent over a cool infographic about Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending.  LendingRobot is a cloud-based financial service and registered investment advisor providing tools for individual investors to automate peer investing on Lending Club and Prosper. As we all know by now P2P crowdfunding has created a more efficient market by leveraging technology… Read More

Kickstarter to FCC: We Support an Open Internet

Net Neutrality Tom Wheeler FCC Chairman

Destroying Net Neutrality has implications far beyond Kickstarter. Yancey Strickler, CEO of crowdfunding giant Kickstarter, has posted today affirming their support on the subject of Net Neutrality – something that should concern us all. Kickstarter has filed an official comment with the FCC expressing their opinion on the issue. As posted on the Kickstarter site:… Read More

SeedInvest to SEC: “Increasing Accredited Investor Thresholds Would Be Disastrous for Small Business”

Sins of Excessive Regulations

On the day when the SEC’s Investor Advisory Committee is scheduled to discuss the definition of an “Accredited Investor”, SeedInvest – one of the leading equity crowdfunding portals in the United States- has posted a comment letter to the SEC stating their research indicates, “an increase to the accredited investor thresholds would be disastrous for… Read More

Reminder: SEC Investor Advisory Committee Set to Meet, Definition of Accredited Investor Will Be Reviewed

SEC Investor Advocates

The Securities and Exchange Commission Investor Advisory Committee (IAC) is set to convene tomorrow, July 10th, at the SEC headquarters in Washington, DC.  On the committees’s agenda is the important topic of the definition of an “accredited investor”. Recently Crowdfund Insider published an article by Anthony Zeoli who discussed how Changes to “Accredited Investor” definition could… Read More

HWTrek Launches Navigation Tool for Hardware Creators​


HWTrek, a global community for digital electronics, today announced the beta launch of the HWTrek Project Development Hub (the Hub), the world’s first cloud-based intelligent navigation tool for creators and inventors working to bring hardware projects to market. The Hub generates a management flow tailored specifically to each unique project and facilitates collaboration between inventors… Read More

FCA: “Most savers don’t shop around, allowing providers on average to pay lower interest rates”

10£ Queen Elizabeth British Pounds

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has published an interim report on domestic cash savings market. This is part of a broader study that commenced in October 2013 under their “competition objective focused on the cash savings market”.  The FCA wants to assure that competition is working for consumers (as opposed to protecting entrenched interests…).  It… Read More

P2Binvestors Issues One of the Largest Loans in Crowdfunding History


P2Binvestor (P2Bi) announces a $2 million line of credit to a Boulder-based client, representing one of the largest single crowdlending transactions ever. This credit line adds to P2Bi’s rapid growth and puts the young company on track to achieve a lending portfolio of $25 million this fiscal year. P2Bi provides access to working capital for innovative, growing… Read More Adds Dave Boyce as VP of Product Marketing

insidesales 1, a leading cloud-based sales acceleration technology company, has stated that Dave Boyce has joined its executive team as vice president of product marketing. Boyce will oversee global go-to-market strategy for’s suite of sales acceleration solutions.  More recently, Boyce was founder and CEO of Fundly, a donation based crowdfunding platform, based in Palo Alto, California.  Just… Read More

Backers of “Stratus by ZUVO Water” Demand Answers on Failed Delivery

Zuvo Failed

Zuvo Truth Site Launched Seeking Answers and Accountability on Failure to Deliver Promised Crowdfunding Rewards. Stratus by Zuvo Water ran a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo that closed in March of 2013.  The goal of raising $50,000 was achieved, financed by 267 backers.  Zuvo – was described as “The World’s First Intelligent Faucet & Cloud-Connected… Read More

Brief: Berkeley Seeks Manager to Launch Crowdfunding

Berkeley Jobs

A growing number of universities see crowdfunding as a powerful tool to boost fundraising and leading university Berkeley is preparing to join the list.  In a recent posting the University of California Berkeley has revealed they intend on launching a campus wide crowdfunding platform in the spring of 2015. Coming under the auspices of the… Read More

IgnitionDeck Acquires Fundify & CrowdPress


IgnitionDeck, Inc., a provider of WordPress-based commerce solutions, has acquired two popular tools for no-fee crowdfunding: Fundify, purchased from Astoundify; and CrowdPress, purchased from BoxyStudio. The acquisitions consolidate IgnitionDeck’s ownership of the some popular solutions for no-fee crowdfunding on WordPress, which is the dominant online publishing platform. No-fee crowdfunding tools let fundraisers host their own… Read More

Updated: Rooster Teeth’s “Lazer Team” Rockets Past $2.3M, Becomes Most Funded Project on Indiegogo

Rooster Teeth

Hitting the final stretch of its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, Rooster Teeth’s featured film “Lazer Team” stood at over  $2,365,958 from over 35,000 backers. The project first made headlines when it reached its initial goal of $650,000 within the first 24 hours. Not only was it successful funding wise, the Rooster Teeth Team proudly announced “Lazer… Read More