Lima “Brain of Your Devices” Marches Forward to Crowdfunding Fulfillment

Lima Files Everywhere

Lima, an integrated piece of hardware and software that was briefly called “Plug”, raised over $1.2 million on Kickstarter last fall.  Almost 13,000 backers came together to support a product that really is what iCloud aspires to be – but isn’t. Lima creates an environment where all of your files are seamlessly synchronized across all… Read More

BNN Funding Announces Launch of Crowdfunding Platform for Social Good

BNNFunding logo small

BNN Funding has announced the beta launch of their crowdfunding platform for social good. The key feature of the platform is their ability to market crowdfunding campaigns nationally across 350 cities.  They are currently accepting applications for projects now. Patrick Kitano, CEO of BNN Funding commented on the new platform; “The current crowdfunding model is… Read More

Recent Data on Crowdfunding, Alternative Finance & New Markets

Alt Finance Crowdfunding Richard Swart

Crowdfunding Research. At the SVCrowdfund conference on April 3, 2014, Richard Swart, PhD., gave a fascinating presentation on the growing ecosystem of crowdfunding and alternative finance. Dr. Swart is a well known authority in the crowdfunding world.  He runs the UC Berkeley’s crowdfunding research initiative and is also a partner at Crowdfund Capital Advisors Group…. Read More

Pressy Raised $695K on Kickstarter but Competitor Xiaomi Was Watching

Hugo Barra Pressy Clone Xiaomi

Last October Pressy  ”the Almighty Android Button” – crushed their crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter raising just under $700,000 on a $40,000 goal.  The Pressy team had designed an elegant android button to facilitate manual actions on Android phones.  With a simple approach and an integrated app it was a quick hit with the Android crew…. Read More

Two Similar Crowdfunding Campaigns, Two Very Different Outcomes (Or, Why Messaging Matters)


It isn’t every day that two very similar campaigns are raising money at the same time on two of the largest crowdfunding platforms in the world, but that is the case right now. Kickstarter and Indiegogo are both playing host to campaigns seeking funding for spy cameras, and at least one of those campaigns has… Read More

TED Interview: Crowdfunding Creative Projects (Video)

Amanda Palmer and Yancey Strickler

Recently TED corralled a group of crowdfunding cognoscenti including Yancey Strickler, Amanda Palmer, Tim Schafer (Double Fine), Ivan Askwith (Veronica Mars), Neil Gaiman, Max Temkin and several others to talk about crowdfunding their creative projects. This is an interesting discussion as each participant shares their own experience of running a crowdfunding campaign, connecting with backers… Read More

How Project Creators Can Combat Crowdfunding Fatigue In The Media


In the past few months, we’ve seen a steady increase in crowdfunding emails. It seems like the hip thing to do now: 5 out of 10 emails now start with “Can you help us promote our Kickstarter campaign, so we can build this cool product!” There shouldn’t be anything wrong with that, but it is starting… Read More

Crowdfunding & NASCAR: The Crowd’s Cash Filling The Gaps In Sports Sponsorship

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 12.40.38 PM

This past week, Reddit did something previously unthinkable yet again, and it’s thanks in part to a crowdfunding campaign. At an upcoming NASCAR race at Talladega, Josh Wise’s #98 car will don Dogecoin livery. Yes, Dogecoin… the niche cryptocurrency created by a marketing junkie and an IBMer and currently trading at a fraction of a… Read More

Incorporating Crowdfunding Feedback Into Product Development

Canary on Desk

Four strategies for successfully harnessing customer insights to build a better product. When you crowdfund a product, you invite anyone and everyone to give you their unbridled opinions and ideas. You invite them to tell you what they love, what they hate, what you should change, remove, and add to the product. Essentially, you open… Read More

CadCrowd Wants To Help Turn Ideas Into Prototypes Without Breaking The Bank


So you’ve got a great idea for a product. Some great pain point in your life would disappear if this product existed, and of course you aren’t unique; in solving your problems you’ll solve the same problem for millions of other people. It’s perfect. The problem is you aren’t a product designer. Taking a product… Read More

Brief: Indiegogo Updates their Playbook

Indiegogo Playbook Image

Running an effective crowdfunding campaign is a ton of work.  Not only must you have 30% committed up front but a successful campaign takes weeks, if not months, of planning.  Once a campaign launches you have to be on every day promoting, communicating and dealing with the inevitable unknowns that always crop up.  Of course… Read More

Pozible Pushes Social for Crowdfunding

Pozible Big Logo

Pozible is introducing some new social tactics to help crowdfunders on their platform.  In a recent statement the Australia based company have asked all “past, present and future” crowdfunders to use the #PoziPics hashtag on instagram and twitter for campaign photographs. Each Friday Pozible will sort through the many photos and pick the most creative… Read More

WATCH: OurCrowd Hosts Webinar On IP Protection For Crowdfunders


OurCrowd Head of Investor Community & Partnerships Zack Miller recently hosted a webinar that featured Heidi Brun, Joint Head of the Patent Department at Eitan, Mehulal & Sadot. The webinar tackles common investor pitfalls related to IP, including but not limited to… The various types of Intellectual Property (IP) and how they work Why it is important… Read More

Tile “Worlds Largest Lost & Found” Prepares to Ship

Tile in Box Ready to Ship

One of the largest self-crowdfunding campaigns ever – Tile – has announced they are preparing to ship their finder devices to early backers. The pretail crowdfunding campaign launched back in 2013 and blew past their initial $20,000 goal within minutes of launching.  The campaign closed at over $2.6 million.  The device continued to offer precommerce even after the “close”… Read More

Craigslist Founder Shares Best Practices for Non Profit Crowdfunding (Infographic)

Craig Newmark

Craigslist founder, Craig Newmark, has shared an infographic depicting crowdfunding success for charities.  He states that $5 billion was raised worldwide for non-profit organizations using crowdfunding in 2013.  He has compiled some key points associated with crowdfunding best practices including: After researching crowdfundings impact on charities and interviewing prominent crowdfunding platforms such as Causes, Causevox,… Read More

FundedByMe is Self Crowdfunding Their Equity Platform

Swedish Krona

Sweden Based Crowdfunding Platform Raises Capital for Expansion. Stating that 2013 has been their best year to date, equity crowdfunding platform FundedByMe is now inviting the public to own shares in their Northern European investment platform by launching a self-crowdfunding campaign.  Based in Sweden, but having expanded into 8 different countries, the small company is… Read More

Wareness: The Masters of Hardware Crowdfunding

The Art of Hardware Crowdfunding is a studio division of VSC, a global PR firm based in San Francisco.  Wareness came about as a type of epiphany on the power of crowdfunding in creating a successful hardware product. Founded by Vijay Chattha, VSC (or Visibility, Strategy, Creativity) is one of the leading PR firms in the San Francisco Bay… Read More

BackerKit Has Tools for Crowdfunding Success

Backerkit big logo

BackerKit, a maker of software tools for successful crowdfunders, has launched a beta of its Crowdfunding Partners platform, which makes it easy for fulfillment houses, e-commerce tools, and other services to build apps for crowdfunders. The platform gives businesses an API to plug directly into crowdfunding projects, enabling a wide range of possibilities. According to… Read More

Fundable Acquires LaunchRock (And Their Enormous User Base)


If you happen to have used the Internet in the past year or two, chances are you’ve stumbled upon a page created and hosted by LaunchRock. It’s a service that allowed anyone with an idea to quickly and easily set up a landing page and capture email addresses from those interested in what’s to come…. Read More

Shark Tank Failure? See What The Show Did For The DoorBot’s Sales

Jamie Siminoff

Jamie Siminoff is the definition of “serial entrepreneur.” He has six startups to his name including a successfully funded (and eventually refunded) Kickstarter campaign. He launched a crowdfunding platform called Christie Street that is currently dormant, but before it went dormant he also crowdfunded a second product he devised – the DoorBot – on the site. Eventually… Read More