On Who Gets Funding: Common Sense and Nonsense

Herd of Sheep Stampede

Recently, a man raised $55,492 on Kickstarter to make potato salad. While this campaign gained widespread attention, it is one of the strange and somewhat senseless campaigns that have been funded far past the initial goal amount. This drives the question: is crowdfunding being led (or misled) by a misguided herd mentality? Media tends to… Read More

How This Traffic Generation Strategy Made Over $100,000 Crowdfunding on Indiegogo

Crowd Fans Audience Traffic

If there’s one big lesson about crowdfunding I’ve learnt in the past 8 months, it is that pre-launch marketing can make or break your campaign. I’ve gone from knowing next to nothing about crowdfunding, to running a successful Indiegogo campaign at a previous startu  p that raised $106,830. Allow me to share with you our story…. Read More

Reports Indicate Law Firms are Noticing Crowdfunding

And What of Crowdfunding Attorney

Several recent reports have noted the increase in attention law firms are paying to the crowdfunding space. The various sections of the JOBS Act, specifically Title II, Title III and Title IV, have perked interest by the legal industry as they see new opportunity to expand their business and target a new market.  While only… Read More

BNN Gets Crowdfunding Campaigns Trending on Twitter

BNN and Twitter

When The Breaking News Network (BNN) mobilizes its 350 city Twitter feeds to tweet a message, it can often get the message up to Twitter trending topics according to @TrendsmapUSA. Using a recent example, through a single tweet distributed across 350 cities garnering an aggregate social reach of 600,000, the hashtag #infinityboxes and the Memorial… Read More

Brief: Indiegogo Boosts Platform with New Facebook Social Features


Crowdfunding is all about innovation and creativity.  Finding a way to do something better and getting people to believe in the dream is the unique power of this new form of finance.  But the innovation part doesn’t stop with the creators – the platforms themselves are always seeking new ways to make it easier for… Read More

Six Rules for Investment Crowdfunding Success

Rocket Ship Countdown

Crowdfunding is a new source of entrepreneurial finance allowing a wider audience to invest in startups for equity in the venture.  While investment crowdfunding as a vehicle for financing early stage ventures is gaining momentum on a global basis it remains in its infancy.  Our research on crowdfunding has been augmented by information gleaned from… Read More

Mystery Product Crowdfunding on Crowdtilt: Greeting Cards

Muhammad Ali Wise Words Card

Oh how time flies.  It was only earlier this week the digerati was contemplating what exactly Jordan Bishop was crowdfunding in a pretail campaign on Crowdtilt. After a posting on Medium and launching his mystery campaign, Jordan ended up selling 692 of the unknown product.  That’s a quick $6228 bucks.  Yesterday Jordan revealed the much… Read More

Updated: Coolest Cooler Over $6 Million Crowdfunding on Kickstarter

Coolest Cooler Orange

The breakaway success crowdfunding project of the summer is here:  Coolest Cooler is now the 4th  3rd most funded campaign EVER on Kickstarter.  The dark horse campaign has blasted past mega-crowdfunding hits like Veronica Mars and the campaign has not even broken a sweat.  The only campaigns that stand in its path to become number… Read More

Fundrazr: Essential Crowdfunding Tips for Your Campaign (Infographic)

11 Essential tips Fundrazr

    Our creative friends in Canada are at it again.  Fundrazr has put together an Infographic on the 11 Essential Ingredients crowdfunding campaigns need. For those of us who engage with the crowdfunding world every day – this seems like pretty obvious stuff.  But most people only do a single crowdfunding campaign so this… Read More

Indiegogo Shares Strategy to Boost Crowdfunding in Final Hours

$1000 in $100 Bills

Global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo loves to hand out advice to help crowdfunders hit their goal.  Sure it helps them too, but Indiegogo was built with a mission to democratize access to capital and they are doing just that.  Crowdfunding is tough.  It takes time, dedication and perseverance.  We have seen many a good project fail… Read More

Coolest Cooler Kickstarter Re-Do Delivers Incredible Crowdfunding Success

Coolest Cooler Orange

The Coolest Cooler crowdfunding campaign is funding now on Kickstarter.  The campaign blasted past the $50,000 target on day two of the campaign (the project launched on July 8th).  Today the project stands at over a whopping $533,000 supported by almost 3000 backers.  At this velocity it should easily reach the million dollar crowdfunding club…. Read More

The Real Difference Between VC and Crowdfunding? Investment Marketing

marketing promotion

A few weeks back the value of VC’s for the crowdfunding industry was extensively discussed. Why? Because there are lot of areas where crowdfunding and VC’s can connect. And though traditional funding and alternative funding are not as rigorously separated as many want to believe, there are some inherit differences that characterise crowdfunding as a… Read More

University of Hawaii Uses Indiegogo to Support Athletics Travel

University of Hawaii Sports

Once you think about it – its quite obvious. The University of Hawaii has the highest cost in the nation for their collegiate sport teams.  While it may be great to lives someplace with blue skies and warm weather year round (not to mention great surfing) its cost a pretty penny to get there.  If… Read More

Angels Den Shares Pitching Tips


Angels Den, a UK based angel and equity crowdfunding platform, has shared some of their insight into creating a powerful pitch.  The platform has listed their top five tactics for making that impact with investors to get your business funded.  We all know that started a business is tough stuff.  Long hours and sleepless nights…. Read More

13 DIY Tools For a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Ben Franklin $100 Bill

  Noah Dentzel of NOMAD has run two crowdfunding campaigns in two years on two different platforms.  His first campaign, on Kickstarter, reached 322% of his funding goal. His second, on Indiegogo, reached even higher. Noah learned a lot the second time around. “It took one-tenth of the effort of our first campaign, in part because of the… Read More

Seeing Crowdfunding for What It Is: A Sales Method

Shopping Cart Sales Retail

As a proposition manager for Symbid, we’ve recently ran an amazingly successful campaign called “Kidswatcher”. After his little niece went missing in a ski resort, Eric Recter had an idea: develop an App for parents in combination with a digital watch for their children so they could always be in contact in case of an… Read More

Kickstarter Campaign Hit’s Goal & Then Fails as Backers Abandon MBLOK

MBLOK Denied on Kickstarter

This is something that doesn’t happen to often. The MBLOK campaign on Kickstarter hit their $120,00 CAD crowdfunding goal last Thursday, June 12th – only to see backers abandon the project as questions arose to the viability of the device. MBLOK, a hardware device we covered earlier this month as it rocketed out of the… Read More

Thrust Health Preps to Launch Duel Crowdfunding on Fundable & Indiegogo

Thrust Health Coaches Katie and Devin

Thrust Health, a health and wellness consumer products company has announced completion of a successful seed capital round of $500,000. The proceeds from the offering were used to complete film production for the company’s video lifestyle fitness series. Simultaneously the company released they have launched a rewards based crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and they intend… Read More

Kickstarter Publishes New “Creators Handbook”, Offers Tips & Tricks for Crowdfunding Entrepreneurs

Kickstarter Creator Handbook

Kickstarter has launched a brand new “Creator Handbook” to help more entrepreneurs successfully hit their campaign goals. On Monday (June 9), the crowdfunding giant announced the new tip and tricks handbook that offers advice on campaigns, including what sort of rewards should be offered to backers and advanced feedback on the most effective ways to… Read More

Brief: Sensibo Passes $70,000 Crowdfunding Goal


  Sensibo, maker of a smart air conditioning system, has surpassed their $70,000 crowdfunding goal on Indiegogo.  The project became memorable due to the excellent pitch video that described a mundane product in a highly entertaining fashion. Co-founder and CEO of Sensibo Omer Enbar shared his pleasure in funding the campaign; “We are thrilled by the… Read More