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Zopa Partners with Flow; P2P Lender to Provide Finance to Flow Customers

Flow Boiler Pays for Itself

Peer to peer lending platform Zopa has signed an agreement with Flow to provide financing to Flow customers.  Flow is a company that has been developing and commercialising alternative energy products for about a decade.  One of those products is the Flow Boiler.  The product is described as an “innovative boiler” that generates electricity as it heats your home…. Read More

Concerns Rise as German Government Passes Law that Threatens Crowdfunding

Destroy Crowdfunding with Missle

As previously reported, a German investor protection law, has been weaving its way through the legislative process.  Unfortunately for the investment crowdfunding industry, this new form a finance may find itself impacted as collateral damage if the proposed rules becomes enforceable law. In mid – November, the federal government passed a draft law that is… Read More

Brief: Alibaba & Tencent Founders Buy Shares in Ping An


Alibaba founder Jack Ma and Pony Ma, founder of Tencent Holding have purchased shares in large China insurer Ping An.  According to a report in the FT (subscription), the pair participated in a private placement by Ping An where the company raised $4.7 billion this past Sunday.  Ping An, a privately owned firm, also controls the… Read More

Brief: Crowdcube Accelerator Holds Pitch Event as Campaigns Capture New Investors

Crowdcube Accelerator

The Crowdcube Accelerator held its pitch event this past week and 5 companies told their story to a “packed room of investors” hoping to drive investment in their companies. The 5 companies went live on the investment crowdfunding platform minutes before the pitch.  According to Crowdcube, following the presentations 3 companies generated investor interest and… Read More

RateSetter Calls for a Refresh on “Outdated & Inefficient Safety Measures” for Savers

Rhydian Lewis

RateSetter, a leading UK peer to peer lending platform, has made a public call for a “refresh” on the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).  In a public statement RateSetter declared, “the time has come for the Financial Services Compensation Scheme to act its age”.  RateSetter states there continues to be a huge lack of public… Read More

Brief: LumeJet Overfunding on CrowdBnk


LumeJet, a new commercial printing technology, has shifted into overfunding after surpassing its initial £1.47 million equity crowdfunding goal on CrowdBnk.  The campaign is scheduled to close on December 15th so it has ample time to garner additional investors.  The minimum investment in the young company is £5000.  The investment information on CrowdBnk states the… Read More

UK Business Minister Trumpets Government Push for Business

10£ Darwin

In a speech delivered at the inaugural Medium Size Business conference held in London, Tory MP and George Osborne ally Matthew Hancock delivered a statement championing the government push to grow UK business.  The missive specifically targets mid-size enterprises and highlights specific programs including policy that encourages peer to peer lending and alternative forms of… Read More

CrowdfundingHub Founder Ronald Kleverlaan: Dutch Thought Leader on Alternative Finance Benchmarking Research

Ronald Kleverlaan Quote

As reported last week in Crowdfund Insider,  The University of Cambridge has teamed up with EY, the global professional services organization, and launched the European Alternative Finance Benchmarking Survey with the support of major European industry associations. This is the largest study to date on crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending and other forms of alternative finance in Europe.  This benchmarking survey, which opened… Read More

Report: Lending to SMEs Declines as Banks Attempt to Ease Loan Process

Funding For Lending Scheme Q3 2014

The Bank of England has published its periodic report on lending and, once again lending to SME’s has declined.  Even as the Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS) added participants, net lending was slightly negative. The FLS is a stimulus program that was launched by the BOE in July of 2012 and was designed to incentivize… Read More

Mill Residential REIT Overfunding on SyndicateRoom

Mill Residential REIT

The first Real Estate Investment Trust to ever raise capital crowdfunding has entered into overfunding mode less than two weeks into its campaign. Mill Residential REIT has topped the initial goal of £2.1 million (about $3.28M) from over 50 investors with seven days left in the public offer.  SyndicateRoom revealed the unique project earlier this… Read More

OurCrowd: Porfolio Companies That Have Won Awards

OurCrowd Portfolio Companies Award Winners

Global investment crowdfunding platform OurCrowd has published a list of portfolio companies that have won various awards.  OurCrowd is different from many crowdfunding platforms in that they invest in each and every one of the companies listed on their portal. It is also interesting that OurCrowd has helped to finance on of the first ever… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: Blossom Smart Watering, Ruche Shelving, Lambert “Small Wonder” Audio & Das Kuhling Mobile Keg System

Crowdfunding Mailbox 11.30.14

Four crowdfunding campaigns for this week’s Mailbox.  We have Blossom, a smart watering controller, Das Kuhling mobile keg system, Lambert Company Audio system and Ruche shelving unit. First let’s talk about Ruche.  This is a crowdfunding project by Ruthy Shafrir, an industrial engineer based in Tel Aviv. Ruthy has created an elegant and simple shelving… Read More

Austrian Chamber of Labour Report on Crowdfunding

Imperial Palace Austria

The Chamber of Labour in Austria (AK) strives to represent the interests of 3.4 million employees and consumers in the country.  Basically the organization focuses on social and economic policy and engages in political discourse to advocate on behalf of their constituents. The below document falls under the category of “recently found” as it was… Read More

Code of Conduct for French Crowdfunding Association

Financement Participatif France

The below document is a presentation by a French crowdfunding advocacy group: Financement Participatif France (FPF).  This document was delivered to the EU’s European Crowdfunding Stakeholders forum this past September.  The FPF adopted these parameters in April of 2014.  France released final investment crowdfunding regulations this past October. In brief the code incorporates: Members feel… Read More

Seedrs Expands Referral Program; Also Alters Fee Structure

Seedrs Office Sign

In a statement on the investment crowdfunding platform, Seedrs announced changes to their referral fee process, as well as a shift in approach to the sites fee structure. It is typical of investment crowdfunding portals to incentivize investors to refer acquaintances to register on different platforms.  Nothing beats a qualified opinion of someone you know… Read More

FLUX 3D Printer is Next Crowdfunding Project to Top $1 Million

Elegant FLUX 3D

3D Printer Includes Scanner & Laser Engraver. Just when you thought the 3D printing craze had moved beyond crowdfunding and straight to retail, another really cool project comes along.  FLUX 3D printer is an “all in one” device that is crowdfunding on Kickstarter now and has blasted past its $100,000 goal and stands at about… Read More

Zopa Partners with AU10Tix on ID Authentication

Computer work

Leading peer to peer lending platform Zopa has partnered with tech company AU10Tix to improve identification process. AU10TIX is a fully owned subsidiary of ICTS International N.V. Zopa is raising the bar in protecting lenders against fraud by verifying borrowers more thoroughly by checking official documents such as passports and other official IDs. By incorporating the… Read More

EDITION F Quickly Gains Momentum on Companisto: Platform Targets Women, the Demographic that Makes 80% of Global Purchase Decisions

Portrait Edition F

Women are the demographic that makes 80% of global purchase decisions, according to a Nielsen study.EDITION F, the leading business and lifestyle platform for women, targets and taps into the career-oriented women and modern men demographic providing incisive articles in online magazines, career-enhancing contacts in the community,  job opportunities, business fashion as well as interesting business… Read More

Soul Tree Winemaker based in India Raises Equity in UK; Seeks £350,000 for Business Expansion

Soul Tree 3

Handcraft India based winemaker, Soul Tree, has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube to raise £350,000 to expand its already successful business. The company, which has already won various awards such as Startups 100, Real Business Future 50 and Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Award, has already raised £107,700 so far on the UK-based platform…. Read More

Crowdcube Venture Fund, Managed by Braveheart, Discloses First Four Investments

British Pounds Money £10

Braveheart Investment Group has announced the first four investments in the Crowdcube Venture Fund.  The fund was announced by Crowdcube at the beginning of 2014.  Available only to Crowdcube registered investors, the fund allows investors to easily participate in a diversified portfolio of crowdfunded companies. Investing in early stage companies is risky but diversification can mitigate… Read More