ClickStartMe Opens Online Store For Crowdfunded Projects

ClickStartMe LogoClickStartMe, the recently launched website that “puts the fun in crowdfunding” continues to differentiate itself from other crowdfunding sites by opening the ClickStartMe online store. Anyone who crowdfunds a project on ClickStartMe can use the ClickStartMe Store to sell a product, DVD, gadget, book, art, CD, apparel or anything that was crowdfunded on the site. In addition, ClickStartMe allows their users to sell other items in the ClickStartMe store, providing an additional revenue opportunity to their users no other crowdfunding site provides.

ClickStartMeStore“The largest crowdfunding site in the world recently thumbed their nose at their users by announcing that they were not, and never would be, a store to help their users sell their creations,”  Kendall Almerico, CEO of ClickStartMe said. “We care about the people who use our site, and will not kick them to the curb once their crowdfunding project is ready to be sold.”

Nationally recognized glamour model Ashley Alexiss was one of the first ClickStartMe users to add an item to the online store. Alexiss, who is featured in an upcoming edition of American Curves magazine, is selling personalized, autographed and kissed copies of the magazine through the ClickStartMe Store. “I love that ClickStartMe not only gives me the opportunity to crowdfund a project to raise funds for breast cancer awareness, but also allows me to sell merchandise to my fan and followers, Alexiss says. “ClickStartMe truly cares about helping all of us live of dreams, and they make it so easy for us to do!”

According to Forbes, crowdfunding is a growing $2.8 billion industry that allows people or businesses to obtain ShopTodayonClickStartmesmall donations from a large number of people to support a project, cause or other financial need. Unlike its competitors, provides individuals and businesses with an opportunity to easily raise funds online for almost any legitimate purpose. By adding the ClickStartMe Store, the crowdfunding upstart is again revolutionizing crowdfunding on the internet.

“Every revolution needs a renegade,” says Tess Hottenroth, one of few female tech startup executives and the founder of ClickStartMe. “We have taken the crowdfunding revolution and are already turning it on its head with our e-commerce store, our contests and our hands-on approach.”

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