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Brief: ClickStartMe & CrowdItForward Hacked

Two crowdfunding related sites ClickStartMe and CrowdItForward have been hacked.  The sites have been replaced with an “I Love You Isis” page. The part Arabic and part English page advocates the state of Islam and the elimination of “America and the allies of the infidels”…. Read More

Compliance Site FundHub Announces Launch

The founders of ClickStartMe and Crowd It Forward, have partnered with Kevin Carreno, one of the 25 members of  the FINRA Board of Governors to launch a crowdfunding compliance site FundHub.  Announced today in a release, the co-founders include Kendall Almerico and Tess Hottenroth, both… Read More

Has The SEC Made Equity Crowdfunding Economically Unfeasible?

When the proposed SEC equity crowdfunding rules were released on October 23, those of us who had been anxiously waiting for months were finally given what we had been begging for. The long-awaited SEC rules had finally arrived. Equity crowdfunding under the JOBS Act was about to become… Read More

Crowd It Forward Raising Funds For Washington Navy Yard Shooting Victims

Crowd It Forward, a platform that is said to specialize in “random acts of crowdfunding,” has launched a crowdfunding campaign for victims of the recent shootings at the Washington Navy Yard in Washington, DC. The campaign will be open until December 31st of this year… Read More

Crowd It Forward Brings In Broadcast Veterans To Bolster Video Production

Crowd It Forward is a “non-profit foundation that brings people together to respond to the needs of individuals in difficult circumstances and to reward those whose acts deserve recognition through random acts of crowdfunding.” Crowd It Forward is a sister project to crowdfunding platform ClickStartMe…. Read More

Scientists Intent on Solving Mysterious Coins Crowdfund on ClickStartMe

A multidisciplinary team of historians, anthropologists and archeologists associated with several universities have set out to solve a mystery of African coins found in Australia that pre-date the current “historic” discovery of the continent. The standard view of Australian history is that British explorer Captain… Read More

Crowd It Forward is A Site Designed for Random Acts of Crowdfunding

The ClickStartMe Foundation has launched Crowd It Forward, a crowdfunding site organization that accepts tax deductible donations and creates “Random Acts of Crowdfunding” for those in need.  Crowd It Forward is a  noto for profit company 501(c)(3) that will accept tax deductible donations for those… Read More

ClickStartMe CEO Says SEC Ruling on Crowdfunding a Mixed Bag

Kendall Almerico, CEO of crowdfunding site ClickStartMe, recently commented on the JOBS Act ruling issued by the SEC that allows general solicitation of accredited investors under certain circumstances. “While the SEC’s new JOBS Act regulations do not address the crowdfunding portion of the JOBS Act… Read More

ClickStartMe Spokesmodel Finale in Las Vegas

Seven models from around the country, including two Playboy Miss Social winners, will compete in the ClickStartMe Spokesmodel Finale on May 17, 2013 in a day-long competition that culminates with the winner being crowned on stage at performance-based nightclub The Act Las Vegas at The… Read More

Tess Hottenroth of ClickStartMe Profiled on The Story Exchange

ClickStartMe Founder Tess Hottenroth Interviewed on The Story Exchange a Womens Business Site discussing her crowdfunding site. Tess Hottenroth, one of the small minority of women to helm a tech startup, was recently featured on popular women’s business site The Story Exchange. The interview and… Read More

ClickStartMe CEO Kendall Almerico: Crowdfunding Video Series

5 Things Every Crowdfunding Pitch Video Needs 5 Reasons To Build A Team For Your Crowdfunding Campaign 5 Things To Do Before Launching Your Project 5 Ways To Start A Business With Crowdfunding 5 Ways To Grow Your Business With Crowdfunding 5 Ways Equity Crowdfunding… Read More

ClickStartMe Opens Online Store For Crowdfunded Projects

ClickStartMe, the recently launched website that “puts the fun in crowdfunding” continues to differentiate itself from other crowdfunding sites by opening the ClickStartMe online store. Anyone who crowdfunds a project on ClickStartMe can use the ClickStartMe Store to sell a product, DVD, gadget, book, art,… Read More

CEO of Crowdfunding site ClickStartMe Shares Rules of Crowdfunding

Kendall Almerico, the CEO of crowdfunding site ClickStartMe, recently shared some simple rules  for entrepreneurs to follow to start a business using crowdfunding. Almerico says that using crowdfunding to start a business allows you to raise funds without giving away equity and creates a phenomenal marketing… Read More

Primal Pit Paste prepares for national expansion by launching crowdfunding project on ClickStartMe.com

Primal Pit Paste, a safe and effective, all-natural deodorant that actually works, is preparing to build upon their online sales success by introducing their products into national distribution through grocery stores and pharmacies nationwide. In order to fund the manufacturing necessary for the expansion, Primal… Read More

Crowdfunding site ClickStartMe Sponsors Concert of New Superstar

A new and rapidly expanding website, ClickStartMe,  that “puts the fun in crowdfunding” announced a nationwide contest to find a singer, band or musical act to be featured on its website and to be crowned the site’s first “Superstar.” In this online contest, ClickStartMe is… Read More

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